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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Grohandel Gerben

Sonnenstudios und Solarien zeigt keine Anzeichen von stoppen. Wenn Sie sich jemals gewünscht, ein Sonnenstudio zu öffnen, jetzt ist die Zeit zu kaufen, die für weitere Sonnenbanken. Viele Einzelhändler verkaufen Betten Tan in die Kosten für den Großhandel. Der beste Ort, um an den Großhandel online,...

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Natan Miguel

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The Adalton was making a good play, but of great eye in a four stroke, it held a five bushing. Already five rocks of five met in the table and before Adalto could be gotten rid of the bushing, came the Carlim and played the sixth rock, thus killing the bushing of the Adalto, that continued in zerinho. The Natan took this and marked primero point. If to finish thus we will have one carinha of cat and one roncoi. In the sequencia, of in such a way trying the Adalto it obtained what it wanted. It made a tip and excessively compelled to play of the other side.

The Carlim gave one flied and it did not see the play. He pulled rock one. Adalto already gave a pull and cried out: of four. Poe 1×5, being five of the two sides. It beats with gallows the bushing of five in the table. I spoke that he does not have man to hold me here. Placar: Carlim 5; Miguel 4; 4 Adalto and Natan 1. The luck comes back toward the Carlim that point the point arrives in the nine.

Miguel and Adalto provoke the Natan: he does not have player to hold Carlim not? Dumb Natan the tactics and starts to discard closing the game on of Carlim. The strategy gave certain Natan for Carlim and obtains to react in the game, tying up to in four with Miguel and Adalto. Tuca and crazy I it Carlim to close the departure and nothing. In vacilo of the Adalto Miguel sapeca also its of four and polishes for eight points. Carlim I am fungando in its nape of the neck, I sing advantage the Miguelinho. The Carlim dies in the beach. With a stroke of two Miguelinho arrives at the ten and leaves Carlim absorbing the finger. All raise to take one cafezinho of the old Maria, but certain of that Natan and Adalto they go to give to place the Creumir and Tuca. The men do not stop nor to eat. They catch the fratos while estao is game table. The made use pans estao in the stove. The cardapio and rice, beans, pasta with chicken and flour the taste. In the end of the day in the notebook it was marked: Creumir 2 departures; Miguel 2; Tuca 1; Carlim 1; Natan 1 and Adalto 0. He was feriadao and the other day it promised. Other players for certain would go to arrive.

Chemical Industry Benefits

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Pre-crisis level achieved: capacity utilization of the chemistry sector again 85prozent the deep temporarily over 20% production decline seems to overcome. The chemical industry is recovering faster than expected. Some sub-sectors have already reached the pre-crisis level and with a capacity utilization of 85% on average, to move again in the usual way (source: NORD LB). More than 2,000 German chemical companies have currently about 410,000 employees. The chemical industry generated an annual turnover of EUR 145 billion (2009), making it the fourth largest and one of the most important industries in Germany. The chemical industry association (VCI) differentiates the fields of basic chemicals petrochemicals, polymers, fine specialty chemicals, detergents and personal care products, and pharmaceuticals. In addition to an increased demand and favourable economic and export prospects, the chemical industry profits especially by transport prices are stabilizing and innovations in logistics.

So the transport prices in the third quarter 2010 only slightly by 0.8 percent, compared with an increase of 13.5 percent in the second quarter of 2010 (source: transport market monitor, Transporeon & Capgemini Consulting). Logistics consultant Michael Seibel of the BUCHER Gruppe in a short statement: “Hochsensible, chemical products require not only appropriate expertise among the employees, but also the appropriate technology, storage and equipment storage and handling. Special savings exist in transport management, coordination, processing, storage and control, as well as the related processes. We focus on win-win situations for this highly competitive market”. Are you even specialist for logistics, warehousing and transport? Then you want to know it certainly accurate. As a company of the chemical or related industry you have specific questions. Or do you only have basic knowledge in the area of chemical logistics, warehousing, and freight forwarding transport and need a partner that individually and competently answer your questions? We recommend as an introduction introductory tips for vendor selection.

Continue reading on: company description the BUCHER Gruppe from Frankfurt / Hahn (BUCHER PUTAWAY GmbH, Hahn cargo services GmbH and BUCHER trade and recycling GmbH) is a grown and owned transport company and a flexible logistics service provider. The business focus is in the storage area, storage and logistics, material handling, transport and forwarding. BUCHER is over 15 years including the service providers of the Dunlop AG and service partner Fraport cargo services, as well as other airlines. Company: BUCHER Gruppe Michael Seibel building 870 55483 Hahn – airport Tel: + 49 6543 509579 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: expalas.de F. Alexander Kep sand 61, 60316 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel: + 49 69 17554309 E-Mail: Web: