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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Alejandro Ramirez

Today no one can deny the maximum that already several months ago came over-stretching: the world is in crisis. Crisis mainly to economic, made level that vary so as conspicuously attitudes, behaviours and emotions of entire human and institutional network that make up the social fabric of a country....

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Cut Flower

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Flowers are one of the creations of nature that most surprised man in regards to beauty and color. In many places in the world we found evidence that men admire the shapes and colors of flowers that can be found in nature. That is why flowers are widely used throughout the world for the decor and ambience of different spaces. To get flowers that serve as for motif in different spaces to the land where they are born, it is necessary to purchase cut flowers. Cut flowers is the same flower found in gardens or so natural while we went through a cultivation of flowers, only that this has been cut him stem in order to transport it and take it to different spaces where they have to be out of their natural place.

This is done in order to facilitate the decoration with these beautiful creations of the nature of different spaces that once found adorned with flowers take a tint of liveliness and beauty that can not match anything else. Is the cut flower is so appropriate and so unique to decorate the spaces, in all the world wide markets dedicated to trade cut flowers of all types exist. Thus, you will find all kinds of flower cut into the world from the famous roses, passing through the Tulips, carnations, daisies, and many other species of beautiful flowers. With the cut-flower trade many people have seen benefiting and they have managed to give a natural touch to your rooms, festivals, halls and galleries. There is something special in the cut flower that makes it superior to many other types of decorative flowers used in artificial environments.

One of the strongest reasons is that cut flowers is a natural flower, while artificial flowers and flowers which dry lack life and, therefore, the liveliness and joy that usually transmit flowers. It is for this reason that whenever it is possible people are trying to do to cut flowers to decorate the spaces in which they seek to lay flowers. A disadvantage of big flower cut with respect to other types of flowers you need care and also has a short duration of life. Indeed, because of that cut flowers is nothing more than the natural flower found in a garden, once this is cut from its stem, is that his death process begins quickly. Is why once the flower is cut is necessary to take special care so that their time of beauty has a little more than duration. It is for this reason that many people are forced to acquire other types of flowers, that we require no care and also last much longer seeing well. The cost of this, of course, is flowers getting instead of cut flowers are not as good as natural flowers born and cut in the fields or in the gardens. It is important to take special care to make cut flowers last much longer that normally lasts when allowed to continue without intervention the degenerative process. Thus, it is important to know where and how to cut flower. It is also important to put the stems of cut flowers in water once it has been separated from its stalk. It is also important to take care Special when it is in the vase for which it was intended. Original author and source of the article

Corridor Wanted

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It wanted seduziz it with can be noticed; ‘ ‘ Conceio entered in the room, dragging chinelinhas of alcova’ ‘. It dressed a roupo white, badly apanhado in the waist. Being lean, it had air of romantic vision, … ‘ ‘ (AXE, 1899, p.02) However, no bigger envolvement happens with them, on the part of Walnut for the fact of the same being inexperienced and not to have had capacity stops to notice that Conceio more than wanted something what to be the night all talking, therefore in that hour of the night was not moment of a married woman to be alone in the room with a practically unknown man. However, if it only wanted to talk because she chooses the night just, at a moment where all already if had collected to sleep, and at the moment where its husband Meneses notary already had left again for adulterating to it, and worse, choose an adequate moment where the two were solo? The minutes flied, in contrast of what they costumam to make, when are of wait; I heard to beat eleven hours, but almost without giving for them, perhaps.

However, a small rumor that heard inside came to wake up me of the reading. They were steps in the corridor that went of the room of visits to the one of supper; I raised the head; soon later vi to loom to the door of the room the countenance of Conceio. (AXE, 1899, p.02) After this, notices relevance of that Conceio wanted it something with Walnut more, therefore it did not have nor if lying, it waits the moment of the exit of its husband and of servant, and Walnut wise person, however contained themselves. ‘ ‘ The eyes were not of person who finished to sleep; they seemed not to still have caught in sono..