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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Alejandro Ramirez

Today no one can deny the maximum that already several months ago came over-stretching: the world is in crisis. Crisis mainly to economic, made level that vary so as conspicuously attitudes, behaviours and emotions of entire human and institutional network that make up the social fabric of a country....

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It means to say that if it also must be responsible, already in the actions of today, for a distant vital world, that is, for the life that if it projects in direction to the most distant future. We see thus, a new idea of responsibility that comes to the light at our time, as preservation of the life in the extremely distant future. For Hans Jonas, the technological age contemporary makes over all with that the man of today already cannot more disrespect the necessity of being responsible, in this secular dimension of great depth, as much for the gift, as well as for the future that runs away to its eyes, that is, most distant than she obtains to project. such responsibility must be operated, at least, in the same measure of all and any step that this exactly man shows to be capable to give to intervene and to modify the domnios of the life. This because, in the current times, it has an imminent risk of if compromising, with before unimaginable intensity, the exponential value of the life. In the process where in them more just we find nothing the quarrel of the Hans Jonas, since for times the actions thought for the future were limited, almost always, the maintenance of the individual power, continuity of as many thrones that already it passed this way.

E who did not have throne to be worried, took the life to the wait of the luck, perhaps, curses or what the cigana had said reading its hand. The gift did not touch the future. But today we know that the things function different. No model of thought mounted its bases of ideas in a vertical future, finds the good in elapsing of history as a supreme search, as Kant made when making baseboard of Plato, or finds the good in the ideal maintenance so that one form of being able if establishes, an ideal social model for questions gifts of a society. It was thus with the analysis of history for Marx and Hegel. Hans Jonas touched in a discrete point that almost in discloses a small secret to them of the life, an attitude inlaid in each individual, if we do not know nothing Metaphysical of our existence one of the few things that we know is that we have a primordial instinct to conserve the species, we were made to be ancestral, all our gift if it must to a past, all future if it makes now, we are ancestral of tomorrow.

Optical Fiber According Network

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Since ISOC ensures that it costs more to connect to the Internet in Catalonia than in North Africa. They point that optical fiber is an investment in the long term, only manageable by the State because it involves risks for private enterprises. The expert says that this form of connection will change us life. The Spanish representative of the Internet Society (ISOC), Andreu Vea, Member of the organization which, like which calls on the Chinese Government to remove filters from access to the network to maintain the overall spirit of the internet, is that Spain progress in the installation of fiber optic. Harder to connect to the internet in Northern Catalonia that in North Africa, where there is an Internet cafe on every corner, has criticized see in an interview, which has lamented that Spain takes 15 years behind when it comes to fibrear, something attributed to the decisions of Governments. According to this expert, what could have been a superfluous expense if it had established the obligation to install a fiber cable on each sidewalk that is lifted, to be converted into an investment that can only assume the State as it involves many risks for private enterprises: is a long-term investment. Thus, Spain is located far away from the situation in other countries such as South Korea, where in late 2012 throughout the territory will have a giga Internet access rate per second. See has dndido the virtues of this connection system, with facilities that will last for decades and which will serve as a boost to new applications, in the same way that occurred when the jump gave the ADSL connection, and people wondered that you for what we wanted as much speed.

Smart textiles or systems of semantic enrichment of reality, as glasses that can see something like this as a browser to reach a destination or who offered comments on the Facebook contacts about a restaurant, are some of the applications whose development the proliferation of fiber optics could provide impetus. All of this is going to change the life very quickly, predicts this expert on what is already known as the Internet of things, a connection to the network of everyday objects that will be more common with the advent of the numbering of the IPv6 network protocol. The ISOC is precisely one of the organizations that is trying to transition to the new numbering elapse without incident, a task that began seven years ago and according to see increasingly becomes more difficult because it’s like trying to change an engine on a plane in flight. However, with the award of the last batches of the IPv4 numbers, some internet providers will have to take drastic and rapid changes, but end users will not notice any difference. These changes represent a new step forward in the recent history of the internet, you see are trying to compile through the WiWiW.org project, a who is who on your network that will include interviews with people who made possible the start of the network. We have a unique opportunity, for the first time we can write history when their players are still alive, says see who shall order the testimonials you will be getting with a strictly chronological approach, an effort for which already boasts more than 40 volunteers around the world to that for once, the story not the victors write it in their own way. Source of the news: Spain takes 15 years of delay in the implementation of optical fiber, according to one expert

Selfstudy Foreign Language Teacher

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Nobody argues with the assertion that language alone can learn. And one can cite many examples to prove this truth. There are people who are able to master one foreign language in a quarter! But this is as the average temperature in the hospital. Somewhere, as if someone is all right, but someone – almost dead. I mean, part of language learning. Therefore, the question should be put this way – whether it is you are able to independently learn that or another language. After all, every person is different. One foreign language are given very easily (about such talk – polyglot), and others – easier to plow a field.

And then it's not just ability. Then necessary and will, patience and, most importantly, the motive. As shown by numerous studies, with the will, perseverance and certain abilities, but without a serious motive, the person usually is not the language of possession. This is something akin to a person's desire quit smoking. While he does not want, no technique will not help – people will be smoking. Motivations for learning foreign languages are different.

The strongest, this career – learn the language, get a promotion at work or just 'll be able to find a promising, high-paying job. Slightly weaker motive – to enter university. Typically, the university received at a young age when career aspirations are not so pronounced. Motives are and desire to show off in front of someone (like my girlfriend), or the upcoming tourist trip abroad. These motives, of course, one of the weakest. But if you sit down at the books with the motive of the "just learn a language, then most likely it did not happen, maybe you pull a couple of months. Now, what about learning the language through a variety of courses, that is, where is implied in one form or another teacher. The latter would make language learning easier and more efficient. It's like a coach in the sport – you can run and most of the morning, but no serious results you're unlikely to get anywhere. But in any case, even the most experienced teacher or the most steep courses will not replace personal work. Another argument in favor of language teaching with teachers, other than efficiency (ie, a teacher, spending the same effort, you will learn more than those without a teacher), this increase motivation. After all courses are not free! And pay your money, you will already be difficult to get off halfway! After all, if your hard-earned money wasted. But in any case, a foreign language can not be taught, he can only learn. Mastering a foreign language – is a huge and painstaking work. But, if successful, you except that you will open new horizons and work, and the general perception of the world, certainly will raise their own self-esteem. After all, I was able to take a block, could!