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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Victor Hugo Morales

Others, who are not clamoring for space in such programs. What is not disputed is the gain of money obtained through these, but what me occupies now is to know if anything goes in function to succeed. If you have 5 points of rating is to be really successful and deserves some special recognition? Or...

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Accidents Do Not Happen, They Are Caused.

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Germany has a jungle of regulations, also in the hotel industry and gastronomy management should comply with provisions of the occupational safety and Health Act of the hotels / restaurants or company, for violations it is the liability. First, you must differentiate regarding the size: establishments with more than 10 employees are required to carry a safety-technical support. With less than 10 employees, it is to consider whether or not the same standards the operation a) protects against avoidable claims and b) strengthen business philosophy. External solution, expensive solution: Support this care can be performed by the professional association by an engineer for safety of the Berufsgenossenschaft (BGN). It benefits a great security, but has however the disadvantage has a higher contribution to the result. Internal, cheaper solution: specialist for occupational safety in the hotel if a House technician is employed in a hotel, it can differ from the Professional Association (BGN) to the specialist for occupational safety training will be. This is the economic solution: Professional Association’s contribution is low and the constantly available has a specialist for occupational safety.

It is important that activities are documented in practical (1) and (2) planning ways: 1) The Professional Association calculated proof obligations based on the number of employees and the risk parameters how many hours must spend the specialist for occupational safety for assessing workplace safety. It is to document (accountability of the Berufsgenossenschaft retention of the data sheets of cleaning and disinfecting agents notice of the accident prevention regulations operating instructions to employees with increased risk (working with hazardous liquids or hot fat) plant inspections with documentation of recognized and common sources of danger proof of first aid forces (depending on the number of persons employed) inspection of working conditions (such as are) (Sink disposable towels available) check the first aid cabinets training of employees who work with devices such as espresso machines or slicers etc. training of employees, with hazardous materials work 2) Drawing up a plan for occupational safety assess working conditions: perform inspections, recognized sources of danger organize common occupational safety and health: by Berufsgenossenschaft obtain information, obligations define occupational safety in planning for renovations, renovations include, create contingency plans, preventive controls carry out occupational safety with the purchase of products and goods observe occupational health care make sure (inspection of premises by the occupational physician, putting down the defects, holding office hours in the company) staff regulations instruct: Plan, conduct, and document summary teachings: so the contact to the Professional Association, an accurate overview of the sources of danger, the capture is important by Preventive measures and planning of occupational safety: This ultimately saves money and the House or human character by adapting the operation! Publisher: HSI hotel suppliers index Ltd. Friedrich str. 5 21614 Buxtehude phone: 04161 9697000

The Management Professor

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The reciprocity reigns in this relation I and YOU, and in this meeting of convivncia, if it detaches the valuation of autoestima, the mutual care and the communitarian life, some of many aspects referenciados for Sousa, Miguel and Lima (2010). It is in the convivialidade that we can establish a genuine and reciprocal relation, with possibilities to establish a care and affection relation. Changes will only happen from the moment where to recognize the child and the adolescent in its contexts and necessities. Freire (1996) observes that the educator must have respect for educating as well as would have obtains proper.

The respect to the autonomy and the dignity of each one is an ethical imperative and a favor that we can or not to grant ones to the others. … The professor whom the curiosity of educating, its aesthetic taste, its inquietude, its language disrespects, more necessarily, its syntax and its prosdia; the professor who ironiza the pupil, minimizes who it, that he orders that ‘ ‘ it if puts in its lugar’ ‘ to the most tenuous signal of its legitimate revolt, as much how much the professor who if exempts of the fulfilment of its duty to consider limits to the freedom of the pupil, who if steals to the duty to teach, to be respectfully present to the formadora experience of educating, transgresses basically ethical principles of our existence. (FREIRE, 1996, P. 66, grifo of the author) The Management of the Well-taken care of preza for an overcoming of the violncias, stimulating a democracy accomplishes. A convivncia that is solidary from the construction of a peace culture where all the actors must be involved. This new to think directs about them to the autocrtica, making to rethink our attitudes. A school that it protects requires that its management is of care, that the people if find and if they feel stimulated to express its conflituosos points of view, its ideas regarding what they know and they believe, so that the divergences are dealt with respect and consolidate the relevance of the diversity in a group of with-experience.