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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Medical Consultation

One of the things that concern us again all Tapatio is no doubt our health, a topic that particularly in our state has put us alarmed especially dengue and influenza, but what word is not what happened in the hospital Valentin Gomez. For more specific information, check out Lars Leckie. Unfortunately...

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The Group

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As a supplier of the first hour, develops and manufactures Herbert Richter for the mobile navigation industry and for many cell phone manufacturers fixing systems for their devices. HR (Herbert Richter) products are offered worldwide shop systems of leading carriers (operators) and electrical dealer. As a globally recognized, innovative driving force in design & functionality, the company HR (Herbert Richter GmbH & co. KG) is universal car accessories, storage and mounting systems for more than fifty years. At the site in Pforzheim, m of production and warehouse space quality products MADE IN GERMANY are on over 30,000 m”designed and manufactured. HR (Herbert Richter GmbH & co.

KG) under the premium brand offers iGrip”as a partner of RIM (research in motion) type-specific fastening systems for the built for BlackBerry’ program at. There is a solution for almost every BlackBerry. An active vehicle docking station is used for all iPhones (with or without protective sleeve) under the “made for iPhone” program offered. Herbert Richter is an official license workers by Apple Inc. 20:20 mobile group of the 20:20 Mobile group is a leading distributor of mobile radio hardware and accessories.

The 20:20 mobile group, with headquarters in Crewe, England, employs over 1,200 people in Europe and the Middle East. The Group has an annual turnover of more than 1.35 billion and looks after more than 8,000 active customers, including manufacturers, network operators, MVNOs, and dealers. 20:20 Mobile Germany 20:20 mobile Germany GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of 20:20 mobile group. As a distributor of mobile radio hardware and accessories to such network operators, distributors, retailers, the company supplies E-tailer and cooperations in the German-speaking world. Focus in strategic marketing from smartphones, feature phones, Tablet PCs and data communication products, as well as original accessories of the leading brands, quality accessories for PCs and retail concepts as well as brand accessories.

German Onliners

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Surfed it”the last year nationwide is less than half of the German Onliners with broadband Internet access, are so 2007 according to (N) Onliner Atlas initiative D21 and TNS infratest now nearly 60 percent. For creative, this means that they can bring their corporate message finally via video stream among the people. The biggest shortcoming of the advertising medium Internet, the lack of emotional effect, is therefore fixed. However, this has consequences for the traditional advertising: many brands and FMCGs, once convinced Web advertising abstainers, their reluctance to give up and shift – to the chagrin of the major television networks in parts of their traditional advertising budgets increasingly on the Internet. But is not the only innovation that the Internet has to offer technically far Internet marketing by moving images. By means of sophisticated targeting tools, it is now also possible to attract Web surfers with the right subject at the right time, regardless of theme environments. Behavioral targeting”the experts call the technology with the marketing managers so to speak across can track their target audiences through the Web.

This is the surf and use behavior of anonymous Internet user on analyzes a Web page or a network of Web pages and it savvy advertising-oriented interests inserted. The result: The losses are minimal, the click-through rates significantly higher than used in other placement strategies and advertising budgets so as efficiently as possible. According to market studies, the interest of the marketer is great: in the United States, so predicts eMarketer, spending on Web advertising on the basis of behavioral targeting from 2007 to 2008 on a billion dollars should almost double itself. Impulses for innovative marketing strategies learn from the join network also Web 2.0 has to offer. Were the users previously rather showered banners, newsletters or search engine ads, so they should deal now active with brands or companies. The so-called engagement marketing is suitable especially for low involvement products such as articles of daily use.

By using polls, forums, contests or background information, consumers in a gentle way become participants in the accompanying issues of the product world. Great potential is but seen also in environments with Nutzergenerierten content, such as blogs, forums or communities. Because the members on social networks sites reveal much of himself, marketing managers can address targeted them, so the promise of the marketer. Many advertisers however are skeptical and mourn the loss of the full brand control. Because the contents of the posted posts does not control, is always the danger that turns the mood. And in negatively stained advertising environments, no company is happy to present with advertising. However, The trend towards online advertising is undiminished. I currently expect that online can achieve a share of the advertising market by 15 percent.

The Best Of The World

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A few days ago I attended a Workshop organized by EDE, executives School of Valencia at the Hilton Hotel, which was titled the Executive 9: 9, there were several rapporteurs, but I would like to emphasize that for my was more interesting. Sergio Ezama important: Where to play and how: results, costs, innovation and processes, issues elementary so that a company knows where you are and what must be done to take full advantage. You spoke of the management of diversity and confidence, and something that I want to highlight is a phrase that has cited: how many more times you hear something, the more people believe it. Commented on the different models of leadership: competitive, with character and collaborator. Is which the best? I guess that depends on sel time, of the situation of the environment, how to change? Conviction, i.e. one does not change if they don’t believe it, example and consistency, tools and processes and finally not cheating is Solitaire. What does a leader need? A leader needs balance and tons of sense common. And finally keep in mind the following:-not worth you, your equipment worth.

-Humility. -Authenticity. -Manages your energy (know forgive and forget) – effort, firmness. Laura Cantizano Lo first and foremost in a company, take perspective on the situation, view and analyze things from different angles. Balance is important for the situation we do not exceed. As excellent seller, during his entire speech, Laura makes much stress upon the sales force, because it depends on the sales force as the client see the company.

Then said something funny and it is that knowledge does not change, the application of that knowledge produces change. Now, in the situation where we are not enough only with selling, now we have to worry about in the earlier, of the during and the later, in summary we have to be responsible for our customers. It has highlighted once again the balance, but in this case, the balance that must exist between ambition and empathy. Talk is not to sell, if not the sabiais. The important thing is what you say and how it you say. And a short reflection on the negotiation, must be negotiated through the interests and objectives. And finally, how I want them to see me competition? How do I differentiate? and to what extent do I want be good?

The Extension

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What do we accomplish this? To be able to survive, just not worth the tremendous effort certainly. It is the reality of our origin, we would like to take in the 4-dimensional. We feel deeply hidden in us, that this life on earth can be all. The perspective of a period between birth and death meets us only to a limited extent. Must there be still more? Precisely for this reason, we have religions and generally believing the good / positive. In addition to his earthly focus that has deliberately-be a part of inter dimensional outside of space and time. We are in permanent connection (E.g., dream, Vision, intuition, idea, creativity, etc.). Our world focus is non-exclusive.

There is access to an otherworldly field in which our soul does exist. For us humans, this reality of our origins outside of earthly light is located. It is not in the 4-dimensional exterior, but inside. As a result, any generally valid provability lacks because it is exclusively only individual valid and can not be traced. Put it another way: each even determines how much is the speed of light in his universe. “To deliberately through the extension of c2-be” full circle now.

“As well as the speed of light the State of energy pretends, surely aware-be” how much space and time (our material life) by the reality of our origins is away. “Exceeds aware-be” the border of light so the 4-dimensional focus on the CIS then we can put our human life into a divine State. However, we remain below in the 4-dimensional focus also our horizon on space and time hang, then reduced to. “God m = everything earthly x BwS = earthly manifestation (space and time) x aware-be aware-be” decides whether the mass m represents only space and time or is the earthly manifestation of the divine will. Depending on how far (fast) our aware-be enough.


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WORKING inside the sense of belonging is the very essence of the human being, the connection with our ancestors, people who surround us and the entire universe. When the person loses this sense of belonging, as a result of negative experiences in any stage of life, but especially in childhood away from its true I, until the moment in which seeks this essences of his being by different means. The recovery of the sense of belonging is the achievement of the integration with our past, our family and friends and our ecological environment. Personally I feel that many years I was living in a State where felt that non-membership, I not I felt any place, expect emotionally, alone and without direction in my life. To attend the first seminaries of education holistic felt that it would be a true light to find the path that would lead me to find the truth, my truth, and I’m not wrong because once you enter master teacher Ramon, peers, readings, but also the elaboration of different products were changing my feelings about lifestarting with the spiritual biography that I would like to delve into the depths of my being and recalling situations that allowed bringing me back to my true essence as a spiritual being. The key to self-control is self-awareness, to carry us as we wish in life, so it is important to do a review of the way as our existence has reached the current state of order or disorder. The universe governed by natural laws and humanity must hold us to them most people always seek out of us to who we can respect and admire. Now I realize that to find within me and in this way I could find more beautiful people, equipped with, exceptional, but mostly people intact that I would have never imagined I know due to lack of compression people fall into a tumult of negative circumstances, and the majority of people are fighting desperation to survive and not to live in fullnessIs that myself I have the ability to change my life, I have to take a self-control and the key is awareness of myself to stop me, and watch what happens in the world, I realize as the circumstances in which we live is an uncontrollable situation of chaos, and to accept things as they are, what happened to me in the past causes fall into despair, concern towards the personal life and the situation world in general, but in our hearts there is a growing hope the intimate conviction that we all have the capacity to improve the quality of our lives and one of the best tools I’ve found in my life has been meditation.

United Nations Children

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Sara Rios 20 m is the figure that it claims in 2011 Unicef to Western and local governments. The Horn of Africa (Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti) suffers from the worst food crisis in the world: malnutrition, drought and rising food prices. 40% Of the nomadic population, the most affected, lives on less than 1 dollar a day. The refugee camps in Kenya are overwhelmed by the exodus of thousands of Somalis who crossed the border fleeing from armed conflict. The Horn of Africa (region located to the East of the continent and which mainly includes the countries of Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti) suffers the worst food crisis in the world today.

To famine and drought (the worst in 60 years, according to the UN) join other factors such as the increase in the prices of food, armed conflicts and the high number of refugees fleeing because of the wars, seeking a better life in their neighbouring countries. According to Unicef, children living in these territories are the more vulnerable to this crisis, which affects some 18 million people, of which half need urgent humanitarian assistance (around 2 million are children under five years). This extreme situation is avoidable, says Unicef, if donor and local governments are leading a rapid humanitarian response. According to this organization, cuts funds and, in some areas, the denial of access, threaten to disrupt these essential services provided to the population (vital vaccination campaigns, health care, programs to ensure clean water and improve sanitation). The United Nations Children’s programme calculates that this year a total of EUR 105 million will be needed to prevent the threat which weighs particularly on millions of children and women from worsening to the point of death or disease. In the year 2010, the needs of financing according to this agency in that area were still, of 130 million euros.