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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Promotion Of Medicine

Promotion of Medicine has met these days in Trujillo to breathe the air that had been stored and waiting in the halls and auditoriums of our School of Medicine … celebrating the long and near 27 years of graduates !, let me through these brief lines and thank him publicly Greeting. Gratitude, for...

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Dominican Republic

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 17-03-2018

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Cuisine Traditional Creole cuisine – a combination of European, African and Caribbean culinary traditions with using a range of exotic products, as well as well known to us. In addition, as noted above, there are many restaurants with cuisines of the world. Holidays 1, 6, 21 and 26 January, 27 February, 14 April, 1 May, 10-12 July 16 July 24 July, 16 August 24 September 12 and October 24, November 1, December 25, religious (Catholic) and public holidays. Comparison of the Dominican Republic resorts. And of course, the perennial question, where better to relax in the Dominican Republic? How many people – so many opinions. Each person is unique, with their preferences, habits, moral standards, we are all different. In this paper, our task is not advertising the fact and a resort, but only to provide choice. Santo Domingo.

Useful only to the city tours of old town, monuments tour of the colonial era, recognized by UNESCO historical heritage of humanity. And also, shopping, because Santo Domingo a city of contrasts, here are intertwined monuments of ancient culture left by Columbus and his followers and modern attributes of the city (see above). More one day there is nothing to do (the author's opinion). All Coast band – the reefs. Next to the Santo Domingo hill PIC DUARTE 3175 meters above sea level (an amazing view, a waterfall), there is also a place called EL LIMON – it's farther in the direction of Samana, the mountain less, but a stunning waterfall (the local boys for 100 Peso get up to such tricks, it is terrible to look at them) to the foot of the machine, and then back and forth only on horseback with a guide.

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