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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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I want, to be able to adentrar its soul, to absorb the lights that of it radiate But I am only one to be fragile and mortal, incapable to feel the depth of the beauty that exists for brings of a smile its! to each new day, I proclaim my headquarters of its presence, in a gradual anxiety of this platonic...

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Escobar Diaz Santiago

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 04-05-2020


A bicycle is a vehicle when it is used on public roads. 2 Cycling: bicycle driver. 3 Bike lane or bike path or track cycling: specialized public roads for the movement of bicycles. The bike paths can be urban, interurban and bi-directional or unidirectional, as permitted in them the circulation in one or both directions. Also, they may be used exclusively for bicycles or carpool with other modes or means of transport. But after this request to the State to encourage the use of the bicycle, which I totally agree. There is a big problem: where ando? Here is where comes to the fore the ciclovia concept that just define according to the already mentioned article. Joseph Stiglitz is actively involved in the matter. The rider must go by that public space, since that was designed.

Pedestrian circulates in the sidewalk, motorists or motorists on the street and the rider by the ciclovia. What if where I live, or I’m going there is no bike paths? Here is the great problem, if I go down the street along with automobiles is likely to come out damaged, so I better go to the sidewalk and traffic out there. It is this time where most cyclists don’t understand that they are not in the unrequited place, it’s like being a house guest, therefore not you can walk at high speed by simulating a racing track. There are many people that transits the sidewalk and presents some physical problems and requires great care, since he also has right to get out and enjoy your city and surroundings. Generally bad cyclists have alterca you with these individuals because of his recklessness. As they go at very high speeds, if they generate a problem not even realize. See more detailed opinions by reading what Joseph Stiglitz offers on the topic..

Unfortunate situation, since the thing would be that all lived in harmony and with the presence of respect foreign and own rights. I remember the comment of a lady that sells at a kiosk and that had an accident because of a cyclist: everyone encourages the use of the bicycle, but nobody taught the proper use of this. There is the answer to everything. EDUCATION. The cyclist knows that it must pass through the ciclovia (Recalling that when boarding on the bicycle, he becomes a vehicle) if it is not so done by the sidewalk or street, with a lot of careful not go to anyone and the protection of their integrity, either with helmet and utensils related as such. In addition, include a horn and lights, so they can see with tranquility in times where visibility is not faithful companion and that can alert going to overtake someone, because that usually pass quickly from behind and people don’t realize or that someone happened out there. This is how the proper use of the bicycle, will not only help the environment on matters of pollution, but also a harmony among citizens. Where all us respect and care. Juan M. Escobar Diaz Santiago de Chile, 16/12/10 original author and source of the article

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