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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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10 Things We Can Do In Favour Of Water

Water is the basis of life, and only a small fraction, less than one per cent of all freshwater of all aquatic ecosystems is available for almost 7 million people on this planet. The share of freshwater is quite small by is that we have to use just to satisfy all our needs in terms of irrigation, industry,...

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Gian Franco Terenzi

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 29-09-2016



Pierre Nzamba Maganga and Vice President Mendame Akram from Gabon side. Technology transfer Center WUSME shall start to promote the establishment of TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER CENTERS, particularly in African countries to enable SMEs to transform raw material, e.g. from agriculture to final products with added value, proposed Robert Holtz, Vice President WUSME and consultant to UNESCO in Paris. He therefore reiterated his recommendation to apply at United Nations organizations and the European Union for consultative status (WUSME wants to qualify from April 2012 on after two years of existence) and develop specific SME related projects for funding. SMEs access to finance: SME national funds for crisis prevention and development Norbert W. Knoll by Jess, General Secretary WUSME presented his concept of a new financial architecture for SME’s access to finance, aiming at less dependency of entrepreneurs on banks, which enjoyed enthusiastic support and appreciation by the majority of the delegates. WUSME shall continue to promote the foundation of national SME Fund for crises prevention and development (SME FUNDS) financed by a CTL currency transaction levy and a small percentage of the value added tax (VAT) similar to the “Austrian model”.

WUSME shall offer members assistance in seeking equity (venture) capital at affordable cost using international data banks and “crowd funding website”. WUSME in support of new technologies more than 20 of delegates showed special interest in the workshop as a practical means of enhancing business of SMEs as well on national as on international level. Get face-to-face business meetings should be held in 2012 in San Marino and in other countries. The WUSME Internet portal could be used as efficient tool to exchange business proposals, technologies and various forms of international cooperation. The owners of the following new technologies requested WUSME to publish their products in the framework of the “WUSME EXCHANGE PROGRAM: City electro car PRODUCTION of FOOD from SOY and new GREENHOUSE TECHNOLOGY CASH BACK CARD (at additional membership benefit) WASTE TO ENERGY PLANTS.” Cooperation between WUSME and member of the Hungarian Parliament and the Debrecen University on the occasion of the Conference, President Dr.

Gian Franco Terenzi signed a co-operation agreement with the HUNGARIAN CHINESE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, opening additional opportunities for WUSME members to find business partners in Hungary and in China. On the occasion of a visit at the Hungarian Parliament the WUSME delegation has been received by the Vice President of the Parliament H.E.. Istvan Jakab. It what about SMEs development issues agreed to inform each other in future, particularly in the area of agribusiness and agritechnologies. The WUSME delegation so visited on 26th November 11 the Debrecen University and what received by its Rector Prof. Dr. Istvan Fabian. In his presence WUSME President Dr. Gian Franco Terenzi has been honored by Prof. Dr. James Omps, President of the International University of Entreprenology, United States of with the degree of “doctor rer.oec.” honoris causa for Terenzi’s international support of SMEs and crafts. It agreed that what WUSME and the IUE International University of Entreprenology (represented by its President Prof. Dr. James Omps) will keep in close contact with the Debrecen University and endeavor to enter into a cooperation agreement in the course of year 2012.

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