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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Reputable Locksmith

To find a key emergency services in Stuttgart is pretty easy, but who is looking for a confidence-inspiring and yet inexpensive, the need to invest more time. If the pitch hits, dropping the door must often heavily long in the Pocket, because many companies charge relatively high prices, only a few locksmith...

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GmbH Heike Herzig Northcliffe

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 18-05-2017

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Combined sales process for the IT and logistics industry despite good economic prospects see themselves in particular service sectors such as IT and logistics still long lingering sales problems compared to. It is difficult just medium-sized entrepreneurs in the face of hesitant customers and falling margins, to generate growth in times of crisis. Problems the biggest problem is not that remains in operational everyday life usually little time for preparation and the acquisition of new customers in. The problems go deeper, as the current study “management value-based management compass on Steria Mummert consulting in collaboration with the F.A.Z. Institute. So, 45% of the logistics service provider base ratios of the customers don’t even know or can provide information about the development of the business.

With such incomplete information, its market position can be poorly secured and new customers poorly identified. Combined sales process therefore is our new approach a business analysis and segmentation of the industry at the beginning of the consultation,”says “Manfred Kruger, one of the two founders of active new business, we depart on, same industry requirements with unique features, identify and evaluate potential customers within the industry and develop a strategy of Angang.” So that the companies in the defined industry sectors is perceived at all and a sales success is possible, we integrate a communications campaign new Geschaft2010 at the same time”, the other of the two initiators explains Werner geilenkirchen. This, the experts use strategy that especially affordably and accurately can provide more profile, clarity and presence on the tools of the proven P3. So that smaller companies can benefit from this effective approach, the initiators offer a cheap basic package for a price of 3.999; the newly Geschaft2010 includes a positioning strategy specifically tailored to in addition to the industry-friendly processed data. More information at aft.de HERZIG Marketing communication GmbH, special agency for IT – and logistics marketing. Since 1994 conceived and realized the Agency individual measures as well as strategic brand and corporate communication for SMEs and sales activities set up group-wide.

Led by Heike Herzig and Werner geilenkirchen the renowned consulting firm offers deep industry knowledge and contacts. So, the Cologne specialists with an own logistics event gain access to markets and decision makers. As an active member of the log-IT Club, HERZIG supports the strengthening and future orientation of logistics location North Rhine-Westphalia. move it, Manfred Kruger is a visionary partner for innovative, reliable and cost-effective management and marketing solutions at the highest level. Editor and contact person: HAMMOUD marketing communication GmbH Heike Herzig Northcliffe ring 61-50670 Cologne FON: 0221 / 95 35 88 – 5 E-mail: Web:

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