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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Another Sofa

Sofa – the kind of upholstered furniture designed for sitting, lying down, rest home owners and their guests. Usually located in the living room, small sofas placed in children's rooms and hallways. The word "sofa" Arab origin and means the office (from "davvana" –...

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In the hydraulic fluid flows from the springs of one of the cylinder to another through the calibrated holes. In the air springs, in addition, can be used the elastic properties of the gas or air. Dampens vibration damping element body caused by unevenness of the road and inertial forces and, consequently, reduces their impact on passengers and cargo. It also prevents fluctuations in unsprung mass (bridges, rails, wheels, tires, axles, hubs, levers, wheels and brakes, etc.) relative to the body, thereby improving the contact wheel and the road. Shock absorbers, damping element as a modern suspension, most widely due to a combination of efficiency in work, reliability and manufacturability. The main function of shock is a vibration damping in the suspension, ensuring a reliable contact with the road wheels, comfort and safety. To perform its function of absorbing shock should a certain amount of energy oscillations, or, more precisely, it is not absorbed, and transform it into heat.

Amount of energy absorbed depends on the mass, spring stiffness, the oscillation frequency and the construction of the shock absorber. Jobs shock based on two basic properties of the liquid, its continuity and strength. Damping oscillation damper is carried by the hydraulic resistance caused by the fluid when passing through the valve system. On the compression stroke of shock absorber fluid flows from podporshnevoy nadporshnevogo in the cavity, and the volume of fluid displaced by the logged in part of her stroke, flows into the outer tank. When otboe all happens in reverse order. Shock resistance force established and controlled by a valve compression and rebound damping, and relief valves allow fluid to flow only in the desired direction. Produced in the world are divided into two shock absorbers main groups: Hydraulic (or oil) Hydropneumatic (or gas-filled), which in turn are divided into two pipe and one pipe: 1.Davlenie gas is passed through a liquid separator piston eliminates its cavitation and foaming, it ensures the stability of resistance to shock. 2.Gaz under pressure is an additional elastic element suspension.

Despite the fact that the elastic force of the gas is much less than that of the spring, the gas is compressed only after the compression, together with shock. So the characteristic elasticity of the gas is actually added to the elasticity of the spring. 3.Pochti all the kinetic energy fluctuations car turns into a shock absorber in the heat. Should take the heat, and monotube shocks this is done efficiently, which improves its performance. 4.Pri the same outside diameter of the shock absorber piston area in single-pipe construction more than two-pipe, this allows more efficient to put out any vibration frequency. 5.Odnotrubny shock after long-term storage in any position is always ready to be installed on the car, then a twin-tube after storage in a horizontal position requires pumping prior to installation.

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