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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Smart Ways To Make Money Online E-Commerce

Imagine how good it would be when you learn smart ways to earn extra money online. It is very easy to make money online when you know how. Imagine getting out of bed when you want only to work a few hours a day (good if you could call it work) and make more money in a week that what most people in...

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Industrial Loss

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 08-04-2013



In these relations between subjectivity and social processes do not exchanges or inferences are mechanical, not simple; the law of the market operates as fundamental, regulatory institution of exchanges between human beings, the exclusionary competitiveness is installed as high social value. The most exalted individualism and the significance of the other as a rival to exclude or destroy are ideal. With all of this produces a movement of social dispersion, alteration processes identifies torios and a fracture of solidarity ties, which form the basis of the subject. An Adaptive Path is you are trying to a suitable response from labour and social performance. But this adaptation, rather than one on adaptation involves the construction of a self that perhaps does not have a true identity. Today in the institution’s work not only labor responsibility is assumed, but that this extends to the corporate responsibility of satisfaction and customer retention and market competitiveness, becoming, in fact, each worker in a control agent with the ensuing psychic poverty, by the deterioration of symbolization and the fear of job loss. In the Industrial era was valued work as an employment and a strong personal commitment to the realization of labor activity that gave rise to a psychological profile of passion for savings, compulsive tendency towards compulsive sense of duty and work.

Participation in the world of work today is fundamentally single and already not mediated by collective categories that marked the industrialized societies, such as profession or social class. Characteristics of post-industrial capitalism are basically linked to new technologies of production and services that restricted labor and the loss of centrality of work is that refers to its instrumental assessment as a means for survival. He wondered if there is something that replace work as a central assessment regarding individual identity in the new society. Pick up a fragment of the work of Manuel Castell era the information that I was reality: the promise of the information age is the release of a productive capacity unprecedented by the power of the mind.

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