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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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In case you have not noticed Spain deflates economically faster than a punctured balloon. Does that is an indication that the country has more than doubled the corner that henceforth things will start to improve? Unfortunately, it is not limited to indicate that most of the people who live here can see,...

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Islands Spain

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 16-10-2016



According to the statistics of the HomeAway group, tourist interest in Spain grows a 57.2% interest in Spain of the European and North American tourists has grown during the first two months of 2011 a 57.2% versus the same period of the previous year, according to analysis of queries made to the listings for accommodations to rent holiday in our country which shows the HomeAway group. Says Laura Rivera Casares, responsible for homeaway.es, definitely, Spain is fashionable among travellers who consult HomeAway and believe that it helps enormously that the tourism sector continue recovering from the crisis in our country. Eliot Horowitz : the source for more info. The growth in the number of queries that show our recent analyses, portend even more significant increases for the remainder of the year. Statistics indicate that Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Andalusia are the autonomous communities which have sought the greater interest from European and North American travellers who are looking for accommodation for rent on holiday in Spain through the portals of HomeAway, with 20.7%, 20.1% and 18.6% of the consultations respectively. Canary Islands and Valencia are followed in the ranking, to seek a 16.9% and 16.4% of the total consultations each. The ranking of the 10 most viewed Spanish communities between January and February of 2011 is as follows: 1.-Islands Baleares 2 .-Catalonia 3.-Andalusia 4.-Canary Islands 5.-Valencia 6th.-Murcia 7 th-Madrid 8.-Galicia 9.-10th Asturias-Cantabria stresses also that, this year, compared to the data analyzed in the same period (from 1 January to 21 February) 2010the Balearic Islands maintained the first position in the ranking and Catalonia, with a growth of 71% in the number of consultations received, wins two positions, beating Andalusia and Canary Islands which, in 2010, occupied respectively the second and third place in the ranking of preferences of the European and North American tourists..

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