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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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The Income

It argues that nobody goes to be looking at very for this while the picture of the economy to continue recessivo, same that the exit perspective starts aparecer.’ ‘ The government can continue spending, same losing prescription, until some yellow light if lights signaling that the reason...

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Latin America Fund

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 10-03-2018



Television it is now undeniable that television and other media are in processes of transformation, operated by the use of new technologies. Martin Barbero stated mediations as those that bound the materiality of social and cultural of the T.V expression, this expressed: If the medium is in trance suffer many changes, the mediation from which that medium opera social and culturally does not seem to be suffering in Latin America Fund (barbero:1987) changes while Miguel Barnet refers to the psychological warfare that capitalism has established with its technological apparatus where the pathology of estrangement family gets a little and common, impossible already almost to distinguish from the normal State domination relies on force and lying is his sign. Lie became a rite. A productive and effective ritual (BARNET: 1998) seem that the reality in the Argentina is no exception to the way of conceiving television language, the everyday family life reflected in programs and/or advertisements where the issuer becomes a peer mediator to thousands of viewers, making using linguistic codes that supposedly appeal to everyday life, this type of discourse would realize the success of numerous programs, along with the moments of social-economic and political crisis, where the ephemeral distracted and does not require having to assume commitments or decisions I think sothe profusion of sensationalism, make public the private, of alleged scandals with verbal violence, the constant propaganda media by stimulating the consumption of material goods, etc; avoids that the Fund is never touched, will never be the root of the problems is, hence, an ahistoricism and an alienation of the sensitivity of taste that covers their lives totally, as a nuclear mantle that adormila them and conforms to an absolute State of inertia with automobiles last model or Glycerin tears, have dosed cruelly the largest and most atrocious lies the most effective blackmail of a few men to others (BARNET:1998), is not a symptom of a society in decline but goes further, as it expressed U.Eco this type of appetence is previous to the revolution cultural of Gutenberg, perhaps as old as the world and reminds us of spectacles such as the Roman circusthe burning of witches, the guillotine and other so many public recorded throughout history (eco:1984) television supposedly provides a service, this must be taken into account who goes and what is what feels like the viewer or receiver against that, either, change scheduling, critical judgment and fascination, the latter makes the spectator passively accept what is offered. To my mind, the true artistic and cultural contents those who would fill the intimate needs of the people and their thirst for knowledge, they have not reached the masses. On the contrary, the mass media have served to poison consciences and standardize a taste and a sensibility that already today has become model .the contents that are proposed are fallacious even more, all that paraphernalia media has served only to avoid the development of a sensitivity, and a taste more legitimate needs of the common man (BARNET:1998). Analyze the mass media today is relevant to anthropology for the purposes of interpreting the phenomena that they integrate so-called complex modern societies, observe the incidence of the television transmitters – receivers and discourse analysis, it is necessary to try to generate critical conscience to not be subjected to the will of a way of being and doing outside (BARNET:1998).

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