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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Exchange Procedures

Today is becoming more common for companies to find before one of the most unpleasant situations that may encounter a businessman, who is none other than the have a client that does not pay him. Some contend that Linus Torvald shows great expertise in this. The first thing that has to be done the creditor...

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Lengua Espanola

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 06-02-2018

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23rd edition of the dictionary the academic Pedro alvarez de Miranda has been appointed director of that Edition, which, like the one above, 2001, prepared in close collaboration with the twenty-one Academias de la Lengua Espanola remaining. All of them have been given the go-ahead to the numerous innovations that have been added in recent years to the digital edition of the dictionary, which receives one million hits a day. Among the latest are the electronic book expression and voices as abduct, anti-Spanish, cultureta, muslamen or jet lag. The 23rd edition will include new terms from the field of computer science, as the Tablet, which the Academy has decided to formalize for the tablet, that touch screen convenience with millions of users worldwide. This incorporation is pending the approval of the American academies. Having maintained the anglicism pure and hard, the plural would have been tablets, which, according to Dario Villanueva, is contrary to the Prosody of the Spanish. The solution was tablet, a word that comes from the latin and between whose meanings is the rich chocolate. The controversial terms the HKSAR frequently receives complaints about some definitions which speakers considered inadequate.

This happened recently with the rural term which, in its second sense, is defined as uncultured, uncouth, attached to local things. The Academy had been suppressed in 2008 that meaning, but arrived late to the last modification of the Dictionary online, which comprised the decisions agreed upon until 2007. There have also been problems with the Jewish community because judiada is in the dictionary, or with Galicia because the Galician term in some countries of America is equivalent to fool, and so was reflected in the dictionary even though in the next edition already not appear that meaning. Dario Villanueva is Galician and assures that he does not feel offended by that, because we must contextualize things. The dictionary may not be politically correct. He includes words that serve to love or to insult because in life she loves are insults, and the language will accompany the life. We can not make a biased dictionary, stresses, before adding: political correctness at all.

Language is an ecosystem and cannot be altered happily because there is a collapse and any decision that is taken has many implications, says Villanueva, who cited as an example the issue of Member, that female that would have liked to Bibiana Aido exministra that it should accept. If that were to be imposed would have to review everything. The morpheme or as a masculine sign absurd identification and the as female would lead to the contradiction that Nadal would have to say tenisto and Steffi Graf tennis. There would be pianistos and pianists, colleagues and colleagues, etc. The Academies are given a time before introducing new voices in the dictionary, because sometimes they are flower of a day. So it happened with the word friend zone, which became fashionable a few years ago and there was even a film called so, but nowadays no longer anyone uses it. Source of the news: La RAE: “the dictionary may not be politically correct, language serves to love and insult”

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