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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Anthropometric Laboratory

Janet, Pierre School of Paris It was one of the members of the call School of Paris, that followed the tracks of Ribot and Charcot. Janet works intensely on the hypnosis as via of study of subconscious mind, applying it in cases of hysteria, anticipating itself to Breuer and Freud in the cathartic...

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MBA BSc Participants

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Welcome reception of the fifth round of the PMBA entrepreneurship & innovation on November 2, 2010 took place the opening welcome reception of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation through 2010 at Palais Liechtenstein. The celebration was opened by Dr. Astrid Kleinhanns, Managing Director of the WU Executive Academy. Credit: Rick Garcia CBS, Los Angeles CA-2011. She turned in their words of welcome of the task the students to prove that they have chosen the right MBA program. This she listed the ingredients that make this program a success: carefully selected participants, top speakers and a very dedicated team of LehrgangsleiterInnen and program managers. Finally she called the students to make the most of their studies and to request the members of the faculty.

Dipl.-ing. Thomas Hintze, CEO UPC Austria GmbH, devoted himself to his key note speech the question of ‘How to become a CEO?’. In his opinion it is most important to have a firm and clear idea of what you want to achieve. Because Manager or entrepreneur to be mean, visions to put into practice. It concluded that that is not the personal qualities a / n Manager make good / n and you have to be also a genius to do so. He was convinced that those will be ultimately the most successful with the best training, the best expertise and the ability to implement in practice. Then welcomed ao.

“” Univ. Prof. Dr. Barbara Stottinger on behalf for all LehrgansleiterInnen to the participants Board the MBA journey “and quoted Albert Camus, who said: journeys we recognize ourselves.” She was convinced that the lives of students through participation in the MBA is contact program for the better, because they become aware of what they know and do not know or want and don’t want. As a result of Prof. Stottingers experience in the application interviews all participants have something in common: they want to discover something new, collaborate with colleagues and are looking for a challenge. She was aware that hard times on the students come to. At the same time she assured them, that they too much opportunity to learn, interact and would have the networking and of course lots of fun. Ramtin Ghasemipour Yazdi, MBA BSc, graduate of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation, astonished the audience with facts and figures that he graduated from program MBA. He visualized the contents of some modules with impressive cloud tags and informed the participants that the official course literature consists of 1.067.180 words. During the MBA program, he have read approximately 17,000 pages, written approx. 550 pages, and prepared about 50 presentations. He reported many successes and defeats, and encouraged students to make mistakes, because they would have to pay only a low price. Networking buffet began after the group photos and the students had the opportunity to get know each other better. The participants of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2010 2012 come from Germany, Mexico, Austria, Romania, Spain, Thailand and the United States and have an average eight years of professional experience.

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