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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Free Social Media Exchange

32M free social media exchange marketing has changed drastically their advertising behaviour by firms in times of social media.And companies annually spend millions euros for advertising on Facebook and co to reach vast numbers of people. To do this, there is now an alternative. This is called social...

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Now it is difficult not to use plywood because it is part of our lives. Used in construction and other types of economy. But few are aware of what is wood it manufactured. Offer to find out. Plywood sheeting is made of wood. The layers of veneer joined together with glue, and is the alternation of fibers in each layer – first lengthwise, then cross and so on. However, it is plywood, where the layers are interleaved, so called laminated plywood or layer-pressed.

Plywood is divided into pine and birch, depending on the type of wood. External Catch the plywood from the needles are made of spruce, pine and other softwood. Birch plywood is made of birch veneer. Internal words of both types of plywood are made from both of those and other types of wood. Plywood is Laminated, water resistant, the furniture and packaging. Also worth noting is that the plywood is divided by the process of creation – planed, sawn or peeled. Usually sold shelled type, creating a thin layer of wood removed from the ridge.

After that, veneer sheets cut to the specified format and fastened together with glue. To obtain the desired density and hardness, these layers of veneer are pressed at a temperature of 120-150 degrees Celsius. After that lists cut to size. Likewise, in addition to construction, plywood has taken root in several other industries such as automotive, shipbuilding. Likewise, the construction material often used in packaging, creating boxes. Often plywood is used as a seal between the concrete floor and parquet. This allows you to line the floor, creating heat and sound insulation. Laying plywood should be done in a smooth, clean concrete floor. Plywood is cut into squares side 50 cm, and fit with clearances of 2-5 mm. Sheets attached to concrete with glue and screws. Usually need 12-15 pieces per 1 square meter. Plywood flooring allows you to use longer, it is less deformed and usedaet, as well as increased insulation floor.

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