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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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The Design

In our environment to provide efficiency and quality of services, to create this model of digital organization, which demands from your needs results must use internet, now must not confuse, is access to the internet as a way to access a system created by the company from the design of its flow of information,...

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Russian Property

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 02-06-2021

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First visit site real estate agency in Hurghada – Akar Real Estate: From this point nainaetsya your happy story: You go unhurried pace of Hurghada airport, passport in hand, caught in a pocket allowance amount for the property in Egypt ($ 1000) and in the heart of a burning desire to buy property in Hurghada. You may find HWVP to be a useful source of information. Step 1. Read additional details here: Nintendo. 'Call a Friend' you dial my number (My name is Anastasia) tel. 2 0187550818. Communicate that you have arrived, informing me of your wishes and real estate Hurghada estimated budget of purchase.

We assign you to a meeting. Step 2. 'Long-awaited meeting, "We come to you at the hotel and pick up the office. We give you all the information on real estate in Hurghada: the pros and cons. We select what we want to see and drive to choose. Step 3.

'In the ten' When you look at home in Hurghada, conversations with developers, weighing all the 'for' and 'against', you take a positive decision, then sign a contract sales office developer of the project and make a reserve. The contract of sale contains the names buyer and the seller / developer; address of the buyer and the seller / builder, citizenship and passport data the seller / developer; contract (purchase) price of real estate, the sum of the deposit (deposit) and payment schedule the remaining amount, additional terms of the transaction (service builder / seller, date of delivery facilities, guarantees, etc.); Egyptian law states signature-seller and the buyer in the sales contract, is evidence of transmission and receipt of money for buying property. The contract for the sale of real estate in Hurghada drawn up in Arabic and Russian languages and is the only final document that transfers ownership of property. Time execution of the contract: 1 day Step 4. 'Duty good turn deserves another' How to Pay Property purchased: 1.Nalichnymi. Dollar, Euro, British pound, the Egyptian pound. 2.Mozhno cash funds with a Visa or Master Card. 3.Bankovsky translation. 4.You can open a bank account to transfer money to him. Step 5. 'Dear! Present documents! " After full payment of real estate developer prepares you for an irrevocable power of attorney General to your apartment, it is called Taukil. It's almost that our privatization. Processing time from 2 weeks to 1 month. During registration you can not attend in Hurghada, a lawyer (by proxy) process your application and receive them by mail or DHL at home coming for them, or we pass through from your friends. Step 6. 'One of two things or both at once! " Two types of real estate registration. 1. Registering property in a court of Hurghada. (Takukil, we have already said) 2. Register Green Contract. What is Green Contract? (Not to be confused with the Green Card, it is a different 'Opera') 'Green Contract ', confirms that the property is registered with the state bodies of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the landlord in Hurgade.Takim a State guarantees the inviolability of your property. The myth that the Green contract gives you a residence permit in Hurghada, please consider a myth. Most buyers of apartments in Hurghada limited registration in court. Step 7. 'Delight' you have chosen, and paid for accounts registered! I congratulate you, you become owner of the property in Hurghada! If there are sufficient resources and motivation, can lead a leisurely and full of the pleasures of life rentier! If you want the opposite earn your real estate lease, we will help you with that!

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