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Salvador Dali

In the world were born many outstanding minds that have been highlighted by the ease of giving life to great geniuses that result from the admiration of many people, since they are real samples of the artistic expression of humanity, who manage to transcend the barriers of time and space, because they...

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Security In Credit Cards

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 08-01-2020


Nowadays the invention of innovative ways of managing the money has greatly facilitated the development of some financial activities as withdraw and deposit money in any account in particular; the greatest example of the above are credit cards that have meant a saving of time in various activities since its creation. Credit cards are as their name implies small size cards, made of plastic, which has a magnetic stripe and a unique number inscribed on it in one of their covers. The use of this element is done by inserting the card in ATMs and other electronic elements that read the magnetic stripe and sent the credit data directly to the user’s account; thus becoming a quick and effective way to cancel an account or obtain money by obtaining a bank loan. Thanks to the virtues that has credit card is very convenient to take into account that currently they have been diverse and innovative procedures for falsifying and usurp the code of these, thus facilitating the theft of our financial resources; therefore in obtaining a credit card is good to keep in mind some recommendations to avoid the above; some of these recommendations are: in case of theft or loss of credit card is recommended to assist or immediately contact a service center of the entity that provided the card, to perform the freezing of all financial movements made with our number of account; this with the purpose that ill-intentioned people can not get any benefits from the credit card. Speaking candidly Columbia University told us the story. When you purchase a new credit card destroy the previous one, to prevent counterfeiting of the same. It is very advisable to memorize the PIN code and card number, and never tell it to anyone, because thus avoided a possible theft of our financial resources by people close to us. It is advisable not to keep written personal key and or the number of card, since in case of loss of the wallet this would facilitate the withdrawal of the assets of the bank account. It is recommended not do transactions over the Internet, because today this is one means by where are the majority of banking fraud. Columbia University has compatible beliefs.

The ATMs recommends entering only, to avoid that someone possess our personal key. Never charge more than one card, as in case of theft increase the chances of withdrawal of funds from the accounts by thieves. Must be kept in complete confidence the bank statements, this with the purpose that the amount of resources that we possess in our accounts know us; only the thus become a potential target of unscrupulous people. It is recommended to carefully check the bank statements, in order to observe any anomaly that may mean a cloning or impersonation of credit card; in this case it is recommended to both notify the authorities as the entity that provides us the banking service. Although there are many more warnings that can be done to prevent a banking fraud, these are the more present to bear in mind at all times. In conclusion, credit cards are presented before us as a means to very easy to perform banking transactions without having to assist banks, becoming a great saving of time, without however also represent true risk in case they are misplaced, so the best recommendation that can be done is maintain a permanent care with credit cards, in order to avoid possible trouble.

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