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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Social Media Marketing

It's no secret that the Internet brought network marketing to a new, more effective level. Along with a variety of free methods of forming a distribution network can make use of social services. It is in these the largest number of users who are potential customers. Based on my experience I want...

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Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 13-11-2021

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All new makes of may: the new issue is spring fever to the theme of the current title deals with a seasonal theme: the snow. Heart or weapons. The diversity of love begins to sprout in the spring. Women and men what’s going on in them. Where is the difference.

Renowned authors have devoted themselves already. The magic word is: flirting and data. Schools of flirt and flirting seminars. “horizon man” exhaustively deals with the topic of single-coaching (especially for men), has visited flirt seminars and a risky experiment in online dating (singles, dates & sex on the web”at). Other topics of this issue: fear of flying and the liberation then again part of the community to become a moving report from a Coachingprotokoll. Success in the profession, education, pregnancy is also if you want to be a coach.

The report about Tanja Klein and her career is gripping. The portrait of the coaching Award winner in the category under 35 shows how important it is his success to believe. The same also applies to the German Handball players so close to the Olympics we have analysed the situation. Hers is a detailed review of the first coaching Convention with impressive images as well as in the magazine, such as the report on Marion Witte mark Falconer. Trains and coaches people with the help of intervention: hawks and owls. Live hermine”from Harry Potter. “And a new entry: Ellie levy pantomime will introduce a new section under the title without words” communication through body language. “In addition to reviews of DVDs and books around on the BBs coaching, there is a new integral part in the Coachingmagazin the coaching scene”. Find out what’s new from the scene, the associations and organisations. Press releases, events and coaching techniques, tools, and their coach on the spot you can find here, too, and much more. “In the coaching scene” a detailed report about the makers and wearers of the Coaching Awards for the first time in Cologne on the coaching Convention has been awarded. The magazine is from the perspective of coaches and the blade makers wrote clients are mostly even coaches. Horizon appears man five times in the year. Horizon accompanied human readers in their private and professional personality development. In the three categories are experiencing”inform” and move”explores the horizon of people magazine. The topics range from job and career to raising children. In the foreground are exciting stories of people who go a remarkable way and whose Beispiele inspire. Expert reports and technical papers on various psychological topics identify solutions or critically scrutinize developments.

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