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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Free International Calls

New database of telespiegel.de offer without registration phone calls abroad must be expensive. Participants can call abroad even for free, telespiegel.de shows how a large German online magazine for telecommunications and the Internet. Since mid November 2010, the experts at telespiegel.de offer a completely...

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Social Media

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 21-09-2020



How viable the use of social media? There are no uniform standards for measuring the ROI of social media yet. Therefore, many questions remain: how much is a fan on Facebook worth? Is a blog comment worth more than a tweet? Answers to these questions are the marketing expert Claudia Hilker in her new book: “social media for entrepreneurs: how to successfully use XING, Twitter, YouTube and co. in the business”. A related site: GameStop mentions similar findings. The young discipline of social media has some tasks to do. Details can be found by clicking GameStop or emailing the administrator. Currently, there is still no universal understanding of the measurement of objectives, achievements, and ROI. Therefore, it is necessary that there are uniform calculation principles with recognized figures in the future. Then he finds different metrics to measure success if a Marketing Director to prove the return-on-investment (ROI) of social media investments, a huge arsenal of different metrics for determining success.

Figures are such as: social networks: friends, fans, comments, Twitter: tweets, followers, Retweets blogs: networking over Blogroll, links, comments is problematic, that some key figures are measured but can tweets and comments. However, the number of readers can not check. And a high number of comments says nothing about its reach. The idea to measure social media marketing, by traditional means is so far unsuccessful. However, many targets can be implemented – a similarly careful strategy and planning always provided with social media. Who puts people in the Center in the development of its strategy and aligns it the concept, has a good chance to develop sustainable customer relationships from contacts.

First, a definition of the objectives, their measurement and evaluation is necessary to gain a strategic approach. This preparation is missing so the success cannot be evaluated by social media. The ROI for social media needs clear targets to measure the success of social media activities, it is advisable to define the goals and metrics: 1) what objectives you want to achieve with social media? 2) looking for new customers win? (3) you bind to your customers? (4) do you launch new products? (5) do you present yourself? (6) do you want to win employee? (7) what are your criteria for success? The complete book excerpt and info graphics, see the blog: about the book: social media for entrepreneurs this post is an excerpt from the book of the marketing expert Claudia Hilker: “social media for entrepreneurs: how to successfully use XING, Twitter, YouTube and co. in the business”. It reveals what really matters, what network for what purpose and for which target customers is suitable. To the book on Amazon: amzn.to/awAI5x more social media posts by Claudia Hancock: 1) chances and risks of social media: bit.ly/dHXIl 2) Social media for entrepreneurs: excerpt from the book: bit.ly/d1hcPs 3) successful social media strategies develop: bit.ly/8YSl32 description of the company through Claudia Hilker the consultant Claudia Hilker advises customers in strategic marketing communications with their PR agency Han consulting. The Social media expert develops concepts, content and relations.

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