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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Creating A Framework For PhotoShop

Frames for Photoshop Number of frames that can be done in Photoshop, depending on your imagination. Frames for Photoshop can be very different: from direct with the texture of the material to the intricate, ornate frames with transparent edges. Consider the example of creating a framework from the text....

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Advanced Printing Features For The RDP Community

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The new .print RDP engine supports Windows Server 2008 7.6 and .print RDP engine developed specifically for the print optimization of Microsoft Terminal Services connects the computer of the user automatically with all available printers has become since its launch 2005 established leading print solution for the Microsoft RDP Protocol as early. Important factors for the success of the market: easiest Plug-and-play installation, the reduction of print data volume by up to 98 percent and ThinPrints DRIVER FREE PRINTING technology, which eliminates the need for server-side installation of printer drivers. The features of successful ThinPrint solution now available for Windows Server 2008 are now available. Another important innovation, which benefit users from Windows Server 2003, relates to the Druckermapping. Here, the .print RDP engine starting immediately an automatic connection offers all available printers.

So far, only the local default printer in the session of the user could be mapped. “Our new version is good news for all companies their users in the Terminal session more than one printer to use”, so Charlotte Kunzell, General Manager. print. Hear other arguments on the topic with John Blondel. “The use of Terminal Services with Windows Server 2008 requires a professional pressure management, that can be optimized with the new version of the .print RDP engine at a reasonable price.” The solution for 32- or 64-bit version when more than 500 resellers and distributors worldwide to a net price of 820 euros or in the online shop of the manufacturer under shop. On the website of the manufacturer’s demo can be downloaded under a free, 30 day demo version. Press photos are available here: press photos / ThinPrint’s ThinPrint GmbH is a specialist for optimized print data transmission in distributed networks.

The ThinPrint .print technology has established itself as a leading print management software and is today in companies in any industry and size in all regions of the world successfully used. The application spectrum of the .print technology is this broad and provides among others in Terminal Services environments, client-server architectures, SAP environments, Web and mobile applications, the host printing, as well as in virtualized server or desktop environments for highly efficient print management. A dense sales network with more than 500 qualified distributors and resellers in over 80 countries ensure an optimal customer service on-site. 120 ThinPrint employees ensure steady growth in addition to the headquarters in Berlin (Germany), as well as in offices in Denver, Colorado (United States), Cleveland, Ohio (United States) and Sydney (Australia). Strategic and OEM partnerships with leading hardware and software manufacturers ensure that the ThinPrint .print technology like no other print management solution in almost every distributed network environment with printers, print boxes, and thin clients from manufacturers such as Hewlett & Packard, Lexmark, Kyocera Mita, Ricoh, SEH, Wyse, Neoware u.v.m can be used. Among the most important strategic partners of the company among other Citrix,. Juniper Networks, Microsoft, VMware.

Uwe Schulze

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The modular business software offers SMEs support in the analysis, planning and control their business success. All relevant data, key figures and trends can be thus evaluated according to various criteria and viewed from different angles. STAS CONTROL has interfaces to all major ERP systems as well as industry solutions for industrial, automotive, banking / financial services, technical wholesale trade and services. The solution is based on the core technologies of the manufacturers of Cognos (IBM) and Microsoft. “Within the Ulm company group, STAS is the role of a central competence center for BI and CPM take over, where we remain organizationally independent future fully independently are responsible with the proven team for the business”. We see many new opportunities for development, which we now record for STAS and can implement”forward Uwe Schulze, who also remains above the STAS GmbH with Siegfried Wolf at his side as Managing Director. Carried out for Oliver Sadeghpour, Managing Director of FRITZ & orbit, and Oliver Couvigny, Managing Director of INFOMA, is another step on the way to the House of the future with the acquisition decision”: parallel to the successful recent nationwide expansion in the D-A-CH region we have guided us always on the market and given the customers and sought-after topics. Our strategy is to provide the customers with an optimal solution from a single source.

Thematic acquisitions are therefore useful to meet the customer requirements quickly and with certified expertise. Stas we have found a highly competent specialists, with the we can force the focus on business intelligence goal – oriented and market-oriented.” Also for the INFOMA product family municipal are newsystem the fruits of integration on the hand. So have STAS and INFOMA already begun to pool their skills and know-how for the development of the module analysis and control. The newly developed analysis and control system is homogeneous part of newsystem municipal and supports municipalities in the operational action of the Administration and in the political decision-making process. In consequence of the merger and the strengthening of the future theme of business intelligence and corporate performance management expect synergies both pages for the companies involved and therefore an appropriate, sustainable added value for their customers. To Uwe Schulze: with FRITZ & orbit: we have a strong hold and appropriate ways, continues to grow by the targeted extension and the further development of our BI solution INFOMA and the parent company of Imtech. This gives our employees as well as us and ultimately our customers security and long-term perspectives. And because we can access at any time on the extensive know-how of all divisions of FRITZ & orbit and INFOMA, our benefit significantly The expansion of the IT portfolio customers.

CrazyTalk FaceFilter

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Multi character and multitrack editing a major new technological improvement is the possibility of editing of up to four different characters on a level. Each player is given an assigned editing track, which then allows the user adjust keyframe exactly animation settings, such as movements, effects and audio elements. The camera system was extended so that detailed zoom settings to appropriate scenes can be made. The adjustment mask for different head and face shapes, which now allows the accurate setting of characters with great hairstyles or long ears like some at Haasen was improved facial and head adjustment from users requested and implemented. The new 3D-Gesichtsorientierung allows more precise adjustment for head spins, supporting now also side recorded Portaitfotos.

VividEye technology Postqualifying eye area is now much more extensive and offers cosmetic procedures. New templates to adapt the projects, such as anime, animals, Cartoons, comics, man offer more scope for creative ideas. VividEye settings across four levels significantly increase the real representation of virtual eyes. Setting options of means of can be cosmetically and variable-size eyes, lenses, eyelashes and eye shadow. Performance & output for better processing of graphical 3D animations supported the new CrazyTalk 6 OpenGL hardware acceleration for Windows.

In addition to the standard and high definition output variants users can integrate their projects from the programme directly on the video platform YouTube video, to publish them. The output as an interactive Flash avatar is new. This can be implemented directly in Web pages or blogs or as widgets, a form of output for further processing by Reallusion WidgetMe, an interactive online presentation tool. There are a number of individual quality settings available for the rich output formats. For users, the inspiration, creative ideas and application videos for working with CrazyTalk 6 need, Reallusion ResponseTime de video material. Price and availability CrazyTalk 6 will be 129.00 for the professional version available from mid-August as a boxed version in stores for Euro 39.00 for the standard and euro. For users who prefer an ESD-safe (download) version, the download offer now under can de avail. An update for previous versions to CrazyTalk 6 Pro is available for 84,95 as box and download version. Dealer for more information about. New German Forum Reallusion has responded to the demands of the German users. As of now, there is a moderated German forum available. To reach this service over the Web site is de. The Reallusion moderator is to iClone and CrazyTalk FaceFilter advice to the page the users with tips & tricks. Users who want to present their projects, discussing features and issues, are invited to this free of charge to visit. About Reallusion is headquartered in Reallusion, Inc. San Jose, California. Reallusion is a leader in the development of Hollywood-like 3D animations in cinema quality. The company is considered a pioneer in the development of software for character animation, facial morphing, voice, image and lip-sync, and solutions for real-time 3D movies and professional editing of 3D animations. Reallusion core technologies are used by leading technology and telecommunications companies worldwide and are integrated into many well known multimedia devices of in everyday use.

Solution Portfolio

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The IT system integrator MODCOMP has signed a partner agreement with Perimetrix system and expands its offering in the field of security solutions for data loss prevention (DLP). Perimetrix offers the highest degree of security for the storage, use and transfer protected data throughout their life cycle and a proactive protection against data abuse. Read additional details here: Linus Torvald. Perimetrix is aimed at companies that have high requirements for the protection of your data and integration into the organizational and technological infrastructure solutions. The software allows for revisions and general improvements of the internal processes and at the same time adapting them to central IT security policies. Data loss prevention is mandatory for every company that wants to protect themselves from legal penalties, image, and financial losses of potential data abuse”, says Walter Pastucha, head of the German MODCOMP group of companies. We offer our customers a comprehensive and effective solution, which precisely to your individual requirements “” Security, compliance and data protection corresponds to and “the conception and implementation of company-specific security concepts requires detailed all potential vulnerabilities closes.

risk analysis and well-trained staff who really understand the security requirements of a company” adds Uwe Klockner, Managing Director of Perimetrix System GmbH. with over 30 years experience in the analysis of secure business processes, MODCOMP of data classification is the ideal partner for us.” About Perimetrix system Perimetrix systems, as a sales organisation of Perimetrix, marketed innovative technologies to protect of sensitive data. Perimetrix develops solutions for the protection of business processes and creates a company-wide platform for internal information security. This secures critical business processes and is integrated into the customer’s organizational and technological infrastructure. The revolutionary concept of secret documents LifecycleTM Perimetrix provides protection for confidential documents during all phases of the life cycle. In addition, the solution allows the monitors communications channels and the review of electronic processes. The underlying technology of this system consists in the knowledge of the protected documents and components, as well as in the control of access rights and user actions and prevent the violation of company policies. of MODCOMP the MODOMP Group operates as a system integrator and integrating more than 30 years of experience in the German market.

Around the world with, the company sister companies in the United Kingdom and the United States belongs to the Group CSP Inc. The longtime clients include major companies from the industry, the sectors of telecommunications, energy, banking and insurance.

The Imatics Form Framework FormEngine On The OOP 2010 In Munich

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In addition to the established solution for the automation of business processes presented the imatics Software GmbH imatics * ProcessSuite * FormEngine first on the OOP 2010 in Munich. There stands the imatics form framework * FormEngine of available to the public since November 2009. Since then, the interest in this simple definition and processing complex and highly dynamic forms based technology is increasing. In addition to the established solution for the automation of business processes presented the imatics Software GmbH imatics * ProcessSuite * FormEngine on the OOP 2010 from 26 to 28 January 2010 in the ICM in Munich for the first time. Forms belong to the daily work of a Web Developer. While the requirements for modern, interactive forms have been steadily rising. Immediate validation of the inputs or the dynamic update by selection lists are today. Various Java frameworks or even parent standards such as XForms will facilitate the development of such forms.

These frameworks to the extent are projects with fixed data structures helpful. Is the model on which the forms work, is only set at run time, the thing is more complicated for a dynamic CMS. The * FormEngine is a Java Web framework for the simple definition and processing complex and dynamic forms. This includes checking the settings in the form fields, the calculation of field content depending on the entries in other fields as well as dynamic enabling or hide components depending on the other user input. The decision for a framework for the development of user interfaces often means to align the entire application according to its specifications. The imatics * FormEngine is a lightweight framework that has set itself the task to simplify the creation and integration of forms in existing applications. Where is the development of desired functionality without complex configuration in the foreground. The advantage of the * FormEngine compared to many other frameworks is the easy integration into any servlet container.

Fasihi Star Road

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“The Fasihi GmbH has an eminent security gap with their software for encryption and classification of data closed”, stressed moderator Gerhard Hohmann at the broadcast on March 27 and thereby introduced Managing Director Saeid Fasihi as worldwide known and highly esteemed for large undertakings specialising in data security. Also Maria Bohmer Minister of State, Minister of State at the Federal Chancellor and the Federal Government Commissioner for migration, refugees and integration, and MP for the constituency of Ludwigshafen/Frankenthal, when visiting the company was impressed by the security solution. And wrote Maria Bohmer on your website: “a native Iranian who has gone his way from the refugee to the successful entrepreneur is the Managing Director. His IT company offers ground-breaking innovations in the field of security and communications technology. BASF is a customer of the company.

I am very pleased the noticeably positive working atmosphere. The management and staff are still curious and creative – the best condition continue pioneering To bring products to the market. “Not about Fasihi GmbH received the innovation prize of Rheinland-Pfalz in last year.” Through a strategic partnership with the American company spatial wave Inc. in Laguna Hills, California, the company has expanded in the summer of their product range. Both companies want to use the products and solutions of the partner. Spatial wave (www.spatialwave.com) developed workflow software for geographic information systems (GIS) for the representation of digital maps such as google maps or bing, position-related customer data to capture, edit, organize, and analyze.

Finally, interested in the Rhine Neckar television (RNF) for Managing Director Saeid Fasihi and reported extensively about him and the company. A great honor was bestowed Saeid Fasihi then in November 2012: he was appointed at the general meeting of industry and Commerce (IHK) Palatinate. The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Chamber of Commerce and consists of 92 companies representatives, approximately 76,000 businesses represent. Fasihi GmbH: Company Fasihi GmbH was founded in 1990 in Ludwigshafen/Rhine offers personalized information and communication solutions with high data security for Internet, intranet, or for the exclusive communication with business partners (extranet). Fasihi Enterprise Portal can meet demanding corporate individual information and communication requirements for large and medium-sized enterprises. The clients come from many industries. Main customer se is the world’s largest chemicals company BASF There, about 40,000 employees with more than 50 information and communications solutions on the basis of the Fasihi enterprise, Portal work every day. The approach to security by encryption and classification of data developed by Fasihi GmbH was awarded the innovation award 2011 of Rheinland-Pfalz (special prize of Wrtschaftsministerin) for innovative applications and processes the information and communication technologies. More information under: Hermann Martin spokesman Fasihi Star Road 166 67063 Ludwigshafen Tel. 0621-5200780 GmbH

Unified Communications

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This causes not only slowing down the progress of the project, it also means that you need to keep on your agenda this and other projects that depend on the respective communication, and any further action of the project again in the subject must imagine into. Increases the likelihood that decreases the quality of the editing and time is little efficiently. Unified Communications offers a tool for real time communication with an Instant Messenger, so that issues can be resolved quickly. Also, presence information provide information about what communication method can be used for effective communication and when a conversation partner may be reached. They are unfolded on their mobile device the full width of the communication for your company often on the road or not always necessarily reliable communication can be reached at the same workplace, often becomes a smaller or larger challenge. According to Gamestop, who has experience with these questions. Unified communications applications offer the possibility of installation on their own laptops, as well as apps for smartphones.

So methods of communication such as instant messaging and video conferencing available one also by traveling all contact data as well as the possibility of more numerous. Communications data of all devices are also automatically on the same level as a result. The interlocutor may only the background noise, noticed that you are currently not in the workplace. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Michael Mauler on most websites. You have a system with natively embedded video conferencing as the significance of the video conference as compared to other methods of communication constantly catching up means of communication of the future. Video conferencing offer important advantages that able to replace no other medium through the Visual Component coupled with audio information. The appearance of a conversation partner allows communication not only natural and be casual, also an image of the conversation partner can give a better impression and Visual information can be included in the conversation. Whether for negotiation, consultation or simply a stimulating discussion, seems to be the video conference the best means of communication.

Unified Communications offers every user the possibility to start video conferencing with a simple push of a button or a video conference to make a phone call. The whole thing is done without device complications or technical uncertainties. Video communication is as simple as a text message. You benefit from the seamless integration of external applications advanced unified communications solutions offer you in addition to the standardization of communication also the possibility of the involvement of other integration functions, that simplify the work life. So your unified communications can access system, for example, on databases containing customer data, so that you all this data directly from a communication record to the Available. The search in external systems to track communications history or even contact data, a thing of the past.

New Designer Language Kits For Report Builder List & Label 16

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Eleven language kits make applications internationally usable software manufacturer combit 11 new designer language kits for reporting component list & label 16 on the market brought. The entire user interface of list & label Designer is easily reversible in other languages. The Unicode capability allows design, output and partial export for example, Russian or Greek operating systems. With the designer language kits developers prepare for the international market their applications”, explains Jochen Bartlau, project manager for list & label. “Projects are created once in a language and welcome then to any user in its language that facilitates the cross-site collaboration with international business partners and branch offices”, Jochen Bartlau is. For customers with subscription Enterprise Edition, the language kits are already included. Developers with the Professional Edition get 15% discount on all available language kits.

More information: sprachkits product details list & Label: Combit list & label software developers provide their own applications with diverse functions in terms of reports, statistics, forms, tables and labels from. The development tool for many reporting functions is available in German or English. It can be equipped with several programming languages and processed almost all character sets. The Standard Edition of list & label is available from 726, professional editions from 1380,-euro and enterprise from 2094,00 euro the subscription. Server / Web server licenses are included with the Enterprise Edition at the price, they are available from 118,00 for the Professional Edition. Each price includes VAT.

GmbH Heike Herzig Northcliffe

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Combined sales process for the IT and logistics industry despite good economic prospects see themselves in particular service sectors such as IT and logistics still long lingering sales problems compared to. It is difficult just medium-sized entrepreneurs in the face of hesitant customers and falling margins, to generate growth in times of crisis. Problems the biggest problem is not that remains in operational everyday life usually little time for preparation and the acquisition of new customers in. The problems go deeper, as the current study “management value-based management compass on Steria Mummert consulting in collaboration with the F.A.Z. Institute. So, 45% of the logistics service provider base ratios of the customers don’t even know or can provide information about the development of the business.

With such incomplete information, its market position can be poorly secured and new customers poorly identified. Combined sales process therefore is our new approach a business analysis and segmentation of the industry at the beginning of the consultation,”says “Manfred Kruger, one of the two founders of active new business, we depart on, same industry requirements with unique features, identify and evaluate potential customers within the industry and develop a strategy of Angang.” So that the companies in the defined industry sectors is perceived at all and a sales success is possible, we integrate a communications campaign new Geschaft2010 at the same time”, the other of the two initiators explains Werner geilenkirchen. This, the experts use strategy that especially affordably and accurately can provide more profile, clarity and presence on the tools of the proven P3. So that smaller companies can benefit from this effective approach, the initiators offer a cheap basic package for a price of 3.999; the newly Geschaft2010 includes a positioning strategy specifically tailored to in addition to the industry-friendly processed data. More information at aft.de HERZIG Marketing communication GmbH, special agency for IT – and logistics marketing. Since 1994 conceived and realized the Agency individual measures as well as strategic brand and corporate communication for SMEs and sales activities set up group-wide.

Led by Heike Herzig and Werner geilenkirchen the renowned consulting firm offers deep industry knowledge and contacts. So, the Cologne specialists with an own logistics event gain access to markets and decision makers. As an active member of the log-IT Club, HERZIG supports the strengthening and future orientation of logistics location North Rhine-Westphalia. move it, Manfred Kruger is a visionary partner for innovative, reliable and cost-effective management and marketing solutions at the highest level. Editor and contact person: HAMMOUD marketing communication GmbH Heike Herzig Northcliffe ring 61-50670 Cologne FON: 0221 / 95 35 88 – 5 E-mail: Web:

Access Walker 2010: Password Manager Now With Enhanced Import Support

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New version 8.4 with import external data sources and digital signature, whether in the Office or at home, computer users daily with an abundance of passwords and access data are confronted. It is not easy to keep an overview here. The result: weak passwords like Anna44 “, password Note lying on the desk or same user data for various Internet sites and applications. Stop it! The password manager access Walker 2010 care, sure to protect all sensitive data in a highly encrypted database and generate uncrackable passwords. In the new version 8.4 access Walker 2010 databases of other password programs can be imported easily.

Thus, the transition to access Walker 2010 falls just got easier and easier. Just a few clicks, the confidential data of the old password program in access Walker 2010 are already imported and must not laboriously by hand a wont be. The program is also on the import by CSV like data, as for example by Microsoft Excel. Also, is Access Walker 2010 now digitally signed for even more safety. About the access Walker 2010 access Walker 2010 password manager is an indispensable tool for all users who want to manage their sensitive data for programs, services, and Web sites, securely in an encrypted database. The algorithm AES Rijndael with 256-bit or Blowfish 448-bit is either used for encryption. Access Walker 2010 makes no compromises in terms of safety. All password fields are protected against unwanted spying and their contents are encrypted in memory.

Highly secure passwords can be generated in seconds by the built-in password generator. The practical application is characterized by its modern user interface, as well as a wealth of innovative features. Access Walker 2010 facilitates the daily work at the computer, saving time and money. Access Walker 2010: 30 day free trial the program costs 19.95 euro per user in desktop and portable license. Both editions together offered as a universal license for 24.95 euro. A 30-day trial with all features on the Web site for downloading is available to get to know. Web site: information about the responsible companies the Hanoverian software company ISS data security has specialized since its founding in 2009 on the programming of security software. In the foreground the development of modern software solutions in the area of security is”. Access Walker 2010, the company distributes an innovative password manager for Microsoft Windows, which is used at many companies, private individuals and public institutions. Contact person for the press Data Security GbR Torsten Leithold, Georg von Kries, ISS Vikrant Bansal Szka str. 2 30165 Hannover contact person: Torsten Leithold telephone: 46 22 fax: 46 22 E-Mail: Internet: