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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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10 Things We Can Do In Favour Of Water

Water is the basis of life, and only a small fraction, less than one per cent of all freshwater of all aquatic ecosystems is available for almost 7 million people on this planet. The share of freshwater is quite small by is that we have to use just to satisfy all our needs in terms of irrigation, industry,...

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Aluminum Composite Panel

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 11-12-2021



Aluminum composite panel, due to its physical properties that are ideal for large installations. Flammability. Aluminum composite panels are divided into hard flammable and nonflammable. By the same author: Zendaya. To the panel to meet international standards fire, they used speitsialnye materials and additives for polymers. Since aluminum composite panels meet the requirements of gost and snip, they can be used in finishing facilities such as stadiums, airports, hotels, train stations, which imposed the most stringent security requirements. Indicators of sound absorption and vibration isolation. Using products from products made of composite materials for ventilated facades can significantly improve the sound insulation properties of walls. For example, if oblitsevat wall of lightweight concrete with aluminum composite panels, sound insulation will increase by 2 times.

In addition, due to lack of resonance, acf weaken vibration. Resistance to the external environment and uv radiation. Increasingly, aluminum composite panel can be seen at gas stations. The materials from which made aluminum composite panel, virtually do not react to acids, gases, oils, and hence, these structures can be used for the lining of objects "harmful>> production. High quality coating of aluminum composite panels ensures that the For many years, the facade will not burn out in the sun, not shed under the injurious effects of the atmosphere, sulfur and salt suspensions.

Most importantly, ordinary water can effectively clean the akp from dust and other corrosive raids. Ease of processing. Aluminum composite panels from other materials are easy to handle and transform from a flat sheet into any curved shape. Add a sharp and rounded corners, to give curved forms (milling) can not only production but also directly on site. Material amenable to cutting, bending, milling, welding, riveting, gluing and other operations, including using hand tools. Difficult to find a replacement for aluminum composite panels, if you want to create custom designs – the pyramids, arches, domes. You can oblitsevat architectural columns or arches with different radius, giving lists semicircular shape. It should be noted that when rolling the material does not separate, and it tells about its quality. Products made of composite materials can be transported as curved into the required shape (eg, cassettes), and in the form of flat sheets (Patterns of future products). This allows the construction or advertising-production company, compact place material in transport, and use minimal storage area. Speed of installation. Given the large size and rigidity of aluminum composite panels, one can produce large rolls of suspended facades, which allows them to be mounted quickly as possible. Such cassettes are easy, so specialists firms do not have to use at a construction site more machines and / or equipment. Aesthetics, variety of colors and elegance. Materials may have any color on a scale of ral, many color options for natural stone (marble, granite), and even under a tree. Not surprisingly, the aluminum composite panels are widely used in the manufacture of a variety of original advertising structures and outdoor advertising. In addition, this material is widely used in the design of entrances, interiors, in a word, aluminum composite panels are needed everywhere, where modern appearance and excellent quality. Curtain walls, composite aluminum panels can be seen everywhere. But at the same time every front, created with their application – new, not like the others.