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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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"Your reflection in the mirror" is one of the most important concepts that we take in, because most people are not responsible for themselves or their own reality. Most people are content to curse others for their misfortunes and become the victim. So this step will require a lot of self-honesty...

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Development Center Genius

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Significant complexity, which is encountered in the study of ms is the lack of precision instruments and devices for display and evaluation of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the more. Basically, in practice used for this purpose dowsing, where the active element serves the human body, and the frame or swingarm is an indicator of unconscious reaction. With all due respect to the results obtained with the help of dowsing, they depend on individual sensitivity, experience and being a particular operator. Physical devices, we measure the physical processes that e.protsessy material world. Therefore, we can only measure the impact of consciousness on the physiological or physical processes. A related site: Zendaya mentions similar findings. This influence is transmitted through several channels primarily through the brain, which is actively involved in the processes of thinking and emotion produces a cascade of brain chemicals that affect physiological processes and also through the work of the cns modulates the autonomic nervous system. Bioelektrografichesky approach allows us to predict the result of the response of the organism to the action of mc. At the heart of the creative tsrsg Development Center Genius created physical media, which moved vibration mc Kola Peninsula.

They got the name st or time synchronizer. Some have the frequency characteristics of ne from 39 to 120 places of power. None s no secret that people in different times "loading their" on the ms are different objects, food, clothing, etc. It was believed that the products are healthier, tastier, items and clothing, charged by the mc bring health, success in business.

For Durkheim

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One knows that the sociology of Durkheim ignored the problem of the social conflict, but this does not want to say that its workmanships were the service of some social grouping. Still, Durkheim was ' ' an intellectual sufficiently worried about the social conflicts of the European society of its poca' ' (GIDDENS, 1978). It is truth that it saw the social conflicts of its time between individuals and between groups or classrooms not fighting for its interests. For Durkheim, the industrial society of the Europe of century XIX did not disclose the appearance of new classrooms in conflict. General Electric Co follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. What it was occurring at this time was a process of transistion of solidarity mechanics for organic solidarity. It must be remembered that: – Solidarity mechanics: it is constituted by a system of homogeneous and similar segments between itself. The individual in this society is socialized because, not having proper individuality, if it confuses with its fellow creatures in the seio of one same collective type.

– Organic Solidarity: it is fruit of the social differences, therefore they are the same ones that they join the individuals for the necessity of exchange of services and for its interdependence. The members of this society are joined in virtue of the division of the social work. The natural and necessary way to this society is the half professional, where the place of each one is established by the function that it plays and the structure of this society is complex. It is followed then that this moment of apparent social conflict still expressed an unfinished situation of organic solidarity. The society of its time lived in anmico state, or either, not yet it consolidates the new moral social order. Therefore, Durkheim waited a moral evolution of the industry to surpass the anomie. It believed that in organic solidarity social justice and the equality of chances would go to constitute the new moral order and to surpass the existing social contradictions.

The Conscience

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The necessity created the agency: larynx little developed of the monkey was transforming, slow more firmente, mediantes modulations that produced in turn modulation more perfect, while the agencies of the mouth little by little learned to pronounce a sound to articulate the other after (ENGELS, 1876, P. 18). This extracted part of the text of Engels illustrates as well as with acquisition of the erect position and from the work other necessities appear, in the cited example say, it and with it they had come new evolutions, new necessities The work starts exactly with the elaboration, and for in practical of the instruments for transformation of the nature. It starts when we think about something, (subjectively), in the necessity of this something, and from there elaborate we it mentally, (previous-ideao), we think about the materials, in as it would be and in its functioning, he stops later placing it in practical or (objetivao). The work, the manuscript forms of substances, and its evolutions, go being transferred of generation to generation and more go being each perfected time. The work is necessarily the relation of the man with the nature, to transform it as its necessities. The animals are not fit in the category to transform the nature, in view of that they do not transform, do not think to act, only make what already it came being made for passed generations, what comes definitive in its genetic codes. That is, it puts in practises its vital activity, as survival, reproduction of the species According to Lukcs ' ' So that the work can be born, while dynamic-estruturante base of a new type of being, is indispensable one determined degree of development of the reproduction process orgnica.' ' man if differs from the animals for the conscience, capacity to define ways and to search solutions that make possible the reach of its objective, having the choice freedom.


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The first – and perhaps most importantly, it is those feelings that have You arise in the form of a specialist. How much you are willing to communicate with this person, how is this person inspires confidence in you. If at the first meeting you feel that communication with this person will not You to any result, or even you this man for some reason, seemed uncomfortable. We strongly recommend that you do not try to overcome these feelings, and trusting your intuition, to explain the psychologist, why do not you want to continue your work together. Nintendo might disagree with that approach. Professional psychologist, not only will not mind you, but you will be thankful for what you will save him time and effort that would have been wasted. And without trust, respect and acceptance each other your experience of interaction will be doomed to failure.

The second, equally important, is a technique that uses a psychologist in the process of consultation. Various clients include the psychological impact of different ways. Some clients refer to the consultant and want to hear from him straight advice about what to do in any given situation, the other on the contrary, willing to talk only metaphorical language and preserve their freedom and independence, it is speaking critically about any advice of a psychologist. Various psychological techniques require different methods of influence, and if a technique that uses a psychologist, you are not satisfied, and he is not ready to change it, then most likely, you'll need to change the consultant. Third, in our time, not less important is the question of cost of services and schedule consultations. Go to this aspect as the claimed amount of necessary meetings. This aspect, to a greater extent, relates to issues of organizational nature than substantive, but they are also important.

If you realize that you are not satisfied that the timetable of consultations, which is offered psychologist, or if you realize that you do not e able to afford the required number of consultations, it is likely that not passing the full advisory cycle, quit visiting a psychologist, not bringing the process consultation until the end. In this situation, most likely. that the effect of consultation will be short or it will not do, and accordingly, and your time and consultant time will be wasted. Here, in brief, all advice that I can give you the choice of a consultant psychologist. I hope that the information provided to us will give you the stage for reflection and to help make the right choices that will benefit and will make your life happier and more joyful.


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It means to say that if it also must be responsible, already in the actions of today, for a distant vital world, that is, for the life that if it projects in direction to the most distant future. We see thus, a new idea of responsibility that comes to the light at our time, as preservation of the life in the extremely distant future. For Hans Jonas, the technological age contemporary makes over all with that the man of today already cannot more disrespect the necessity of being responsible, in this secular dimension of great depth, as much for the gift, as well as for the future that runs away to its eyes, that is, most distant than she obtains to project. such responsibility must be operated, at least, in the same measure of all and any step that this exactly man shows to be capable to give to intervene and to modify the domnios of the life. This because, in the current times, it has an imminent risk of if compromising, with before unimaginable intensity, the exponential value of the life. In the process where in them more just we find nothing the quarrel of the Hans Jonas, since for times the actions thought for the future were limited, almost always, the maintenance of the individual power, continuity of as many thrones that already it passed this way.

E who did not have throne to be worried, took the life to the wait of the luck, perhaps, curses or what the cigana had said reading its hand. The gift did not touch the future. But today we know that the things function different. No model of thought mounted its bases of ideas in a vertical future, finds the good in elapsing of history as a supreme search, as Kant made when making baseboard of Plato, or finds the good in the ideal maintenance so that one form of being able if establishes, an ideal social model for questions gifts of a society. It was thus with the analysis of history for Marx and Hegel. Hans Jonas touched in a discrete point that almost in discloses a small secret to them of the life, an attitude inlaid in each individual, if we do not know nothing Metaphysical of our existence one of the few things that we know is that we have a primordial instinct to conserve the species, we were made to be ancestral, all our gift if it must to a past, all future if it makes now, we are ancestral of tomorrow.


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Visited several opticians and general practitioners who prescribed them different medications, but none of them could it cure. This took several days and was desperate. He was visiting a friend who had his problem. Told him to have patience and they set out to watch television. Medium program, the friend said to him: I just remember that I once had a problem like yours in my eye and someone told me of a remedy, but it is ugly, I do not know if you dare to do so. Anyway’m going to say: you have grab a dirty sock and have fun by the eye three times. The student in question, thought it was disgusting, but tried as he was desperate.

Which would surprise the next day when he got up and was completely healthy. He ran where his friend and thanked him for the Council. This saw him, could not endure the laughter and confessed that everything had invented to bother him and that he had never had infection in the eyes. Conclusion: As you think, so will you be. Another example of the power of beliefs.

In Africa there is a tribe that has a perfect judicial system. The innocent always released them and the guilty parties punished them or kill them. Never fail. What is his secret? When they are unable to determine without doubt the innocence or guilt of the accused, they give you to drink a potion which is a poison and told: go to that store. If you’re innocent you will freed the gods and if you’re guilty, the gods let you die. Thought them the innocent I did not believe, but the gods who know everything, know that I am innocent and I will be saved. On the other hand, the guilty thought to them I could trick them, but the gods who know everything, know that I am guilty and leave me to die.

Satisfaction In Life

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And what is most interesting, from my own experience, I can say that the more people achieve, the more they want and the less they get pleasure out of life. Most satisfied with their life – they are students or young people who have just started working. Read more from Joseph Stiglitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They have hundreds of ideas and goals, they tend to much and sincerely hope that if not tomorrow, then the next day surely will be happy. They still do not realize that to achieve the goals, they will be new, then another and another and so on until his death, they will run like a squirrel in a cage in the pursuit of their happiness. And most angry and pounded – these are successful and those achieving anything in life people (though outwardly they may seem to us the satisfaction of his position). They can not even for a moment to relax and be happy that they are so much achieved in his life. What do you think, how often a rest and enjoy life, Bill Gates or George Soros. They have no time to even think about it, because they have many more things to do.

They are like the horse that all my life went around and turned the crank to pump water. And when it is already old horse let go free, she still continued to walk on the field in a circle until it came to its end. And finally, how do you think, where, according to statistics, most live happy people? You probably will be very surprised, but felt himself the happiest people in Africa. The most unhappy people living in the U.S., Japan and Switzerland. As they say, no comment.

Think independently why it happens. So I suggest you get rid of the illusion that when you make it here, and then reach it here, and then something else to embark on, and then heal happy and joyful. It is an illusion and deception. Better today, do the following: 1. Learn to enjoy what you already have, or at least begin to appreciate it. 2. Thank yourself and the world around you for what you have already achieved to date. 3. Focus more on what you have plenty, not on what you lack. 4. Feel yourself filled and joyous today. 5. Do not put off happiness for tomorrow, and even more after tomorrow. If you run at least half these actions, you will truly be happy, and your goals come looking for you without breaking your efforts.