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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Google Adwords

Finally, and very important, there to track conversions. This functionality allows you to track the number of clicks in the own ads that turn into purchases, subscriptions, visits to pages and potential customers, for free. Tracking conversions involves the placement of a cookie on the user’s computer...

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Beijing Consumers

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‘The document provides for changes legislation to eliminate redundant functions of the state, limiting its intervention in economic activities of businesses, including the cessation of excessive state regulation ‘- the report said … —- Change the way of life for the sake of the environment are ready 70% of China About 69% of China’s state of readiness to change their habits when selecting purchases to make a contribution to the fight against climate change. These are the results of a survey of Beijing Consumers’ Association and the Beijing Climate Center. The survey was conducted among thousands of people in 16 major Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, reports Xinhua news agency … Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Linda Tripp on most websites. —- For the first time in Russia, the company took a lease on forests for environmental purposes in Russia for the first time the company took a lease on the forest not for industrial and environmental purposes. This has become a pioneer consumers’ cooperative ‘Nerpinskoe fishing consumer society’ has taken on lease for 25 years, the forest plot of 45 300 hectares in the Khasan district of Primorye … —- Volga threatens ecological disaster most longest river in Europe is one of the most polluted in Russia.

This is evidenced by the results of a World Bank study. The problem of pollution of the Volga was long overdue, and the matter is that not only regular pollution oil and sewage, and construction of water protection zones. The poor state of Volga water has been confirmed not only the World Bank data. Suffice it to say that just last month recorded on the Volga Two facts of oil pollution. Thus, in late September in the area of the Astrakhan region Chernoyarsky found a giant oil slick.

Its length was almost a kilometer, and the total amount of oil – 32 pounds. About who could pour oil into the Volga, is still unknown. Another stain of unknown origin about 1.7 km in length was discovered in the waters of the right tributary of the Volga – Eye … —- The Chinese have found a dinosaur appearance Peacock in Inner Mongolia, found the remains of unusual dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that lived in these parts around 160 million years ago, were the size of a pigeon, but his appearance more like a peacock. According to paleontologists, four tail feathers lentoobraznyh helped animals to balance on tree branches … —- Release Distribution: 320 issue a weekly mailing of environmental ECOportal.ru Subscribe: Subscribe to the environmental Distribution Source: Announcement of Release 320 ECOportal.ru.

European Paper Industries

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Exports of paper and paperboard recovered to various Asian countries, notably China, has been growing during recent years (except 2010). The Asian giant needs manufacture cardboard packaging for their own exports of goods to the Western world, and for the production of these packaging requires paper and cardboard recovered as raw material. This product, from countries where sent those same boxes just so closing the life cycle of the same through its recycling. So, the Chinese paper industry is has developed rapidly, installing machines of last generation and the more developed, both in the productive sphere and in the environmental technology. This tremendous development of his paper recycling industry China, it has brought with it a very strong demand for paper and cardboard used recovered, giving rise to significant price increases of these raw materials, which have reached their historical peak levels around the globe. At the local level, the recovering companies strive to increase levels of collection of waste paper to be able to meet this demand, and in that legitimate competition, moved to its suppliers part of the price they perceive by sale of material. Councils that manage municipal selective waste collection services, are often the most important suppliers of the export recovery industry, and therefore the final recipients of funds from Chinese paper mills, or in general (also European) Asian.

Thus, many municipalities have efficient services of selective collection of paper, for a price much lower actual cost, or even free of charge. Otherwise, these services would be fully funded through the taxation of the taxpayer. In 2009 56,612 million tons of paper and cardboard used, which could only consume 44,941 million, with the rest exported were recovered in Europe (countries CEPI): 11671 million. Only between Spain, France and Portugal, the surplus of paper recovered was 2,290 million tons, that of not having been exported, would have been buried in our landfills (in 2010 seems to have dropped something that surplus). Source: Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) exports to Asia of corrugated paper or recovered, as well as other secondary raw materials, they carried out always using return containers, i.e. have arrived in Europe with consumer goods, and containers which have been loaded or empty, return to their countries of origin.

Thus, there higher environmental load by distance, being the number of empty containers returning, much higher than the number of loaded containers. As for the new paper manufactured in Spain, has also significantly developed its level of exports: 9% in 2010 surpassing 3 million tons. However, in this case, exports are made mainly to European countries, where there are no refunds in the form of consumer goods and new boxes, as it is the case with China. By this reason, the export of new paper, yes represents a significant reduction in the availability of recoverable waste paper in Spain. Other emerging services such as the destruction of confidential in conditions of high security documentation, can also be financed through the price received from the sale of recovered paper.