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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Safer World Car Volvo

Since its original introduction at the beginning of the decade that the Volvo S60 has managed to conquer the hearts of certain part of the American consumer. Everything now indicates that the Swedish brand, which will soon be under the control of the automotive Geely of china, succeeded again Captivate...

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Member Messe

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Survey results confirm high customer satisfaction with the opening event the next clean zone will be held on 22 and 23 October 2013. Thus, the Messe Frankfurt confirmed the autumn event of the new trade fair with Congress for clean room technology. The industry has signaled us clearly that the ideal time for this International Symposium October is. We are pleased that there is such a high match in question and will further develop the clean zone this year at all levels,”says Klaus Reinke, Member of the Management Board of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition and responsible for new trade fairs. The debut of the clean zone in October 2012, the Messe Frankfurt welcomed 600 participants from 13 countries. In their second year will be targeted international expanded the trade fair and Congress to more current topics raised.

Highlights such as the free speech area clean zone Plaza, as well as an evening get-together for exhibitors and visitors are also in the planning. Preparations are already in full swing. Get more background information with materials from Celina Dubin. To the initial event of 2012, we had relied on a very short time to market. 2013 we use the good flow, as well as the international clout that represents our Organization,”Reinke Announces. The Frankfurt fair is the largest trade fair organiser. It has a global network of 28 subsidiaries, as well as around 50 international sales partners and is therefore represented in more than 150 countries.

Post show report: Exhibitors want to come back the first clean zone got top marks from all involved. The now published post show report revealed the great potential of the new event. As 89 percent of visitors and 84 percent of the exhibitors with the debut were satisfied in October 2012 to very satisfactory. 96 Percent of the respondents said that they would recommend participation in the clean zone to other companies. During the current fair, 60 percent of the exhibitors already knew that 2013 again want to take part to the clean zone. The reason for this positive feedback was amongst the very high quality of visitors the event, which was highlighted by many exhibitors. The fair survey results confirm the impression: then, 46 percent of the visitors came from top management. 88% Of trade fair visitors have influence on purchasing and procurement in their company. The post show report 2012 can now be obtained under: background information Messe Frankfurt Messe Frankfurt is with 467,5 million euro sales and worldwide 1,725 employees which is Messe Frankfurt with 538 * million Euro turnover and worldwide 1,891 * employees the largest German trade fair companies. The Group has a global network of 28 subsidiaries and about 50 international sales partners. Thus the fair operates Frankfurt in over 150 countries for their customers. At over 30 locations in the world, events are made by Messe Frankfurt”take place. In 2012, Messe Frankfurt organized 109 measurement, of which more than half abroad. At 578,000 square metres, Messe Frankfurt, ten are currently halls and a connected Congress Centre. The company is located in the public sector, shareholders are the city of Frankfurt with 60 percent and the State of Hesse with 40 percent.

Frankfurt Exhibition Centre

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In focus: energy efficiency, facility management, nanotechnology, hospital and surface cleanliness increased efficiency, more purity, stricter standards: worldwide the requirements for production, products and services grow. So, clean room solutions are indispensable in more and more industries and areas of application. The dynamics in the popular cross-cutting technology itself changed, on continues to ride on the same train. The second clean zone Congress is targeted on the current development of an and presented on 22 and 23 October 2013 groundbreaking main topics. In Frankfurt, a program which sound covers cross-industry trends as well as specialized areas of expertise expected visitors. 2013 the organizers focus efficiency, cleanrooms & hospital, nanotechnology & measurement, facility management & Cleanroom system and surface cleanliness on the topics of energy.

A further focus is Cleanroom testing & monitoring, standardization, sales and services on questions about the areas of future of cleanroom technology. A total of twelve high-profile The demanding clean zone comprises lectures Congress, temporally and spatially parallel taking place as in the previous year to the trade fair. I welcome the sophisticated concept of the clean zone with their balanced equilibrium between Congress and trade fair. Thus offers a viable mixture of current knowledge, substantive lectures and in-depth discussions on the relevant issues of our industry as well as to a good overview of specific vendors, solutions and products to visitors”, says jury member Arnold Brunner, Dipl.-ing. SIA, Hauptamtl.

Lecturer for building services engineering at the University of Lucerne. Swarmed by offers, David Malpass is currently assessing future choices. International expert jury Brunner involved this year in the international expert jury of the Congress. In its advisory role, the members of the jury for high scientific standards of the program are. 2013, The members are: – Dipl. – ing. SIA Arnold Brunner (Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland), Frank Duvernell (ReinraumAkademie, Leipzig), – Prof. Gernod Dittel (Dittel engineering, Kochel/Ried) – Conor Murray (Irish cleanrooms society/ICS, Dublin, Ireland) and – Dipl.-Phys. Thomas wool stone (Association German engineers/VDI, Dusseldorf). Call for papers launched 29 April 2013 starts the international call for papers. Thus, experts from all over the world are invited to submit their proposals on the topics of the Congress. Read more from World Bank Group to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The essays, studies, or best practice lectures should meet the scientific standards, provide innovations, and be written in German or English language. Submissions at: clean zone in Frankfurt is the clean zone of the new international and cross-sector industry meeting for clean room technology. Organiser is Messe Frankfurt, the cleanroom acts Academy of Leipzig as a marketing and Contentpartner. In October 2012, participants from 13 countries came to Frankfurt to the debut. Trade fair and Congress scored it with best scores: 89 percent of visitors and 84 percent of the exhibitors were with the premiere satisfied to very satisfied. 46 Percent of the visitors came from the top management, 88 percent responded to have influence on purchasing and procurement in their company. In their second year, both trade fair and international Congress and thematically continues to be expanded.

ISAQB Training

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All participants will receive 20% discount on your next iSAQB session to the CPSA-F in Nuremberg ‘An investment in knowledge brings are still the best interest’ (Benjamin Franklin) In the context of the new year’s specials from 6-8 February 2013. However it is a hurry, because there are only a few places available. On request the company ITech performs this training also like progress at the customer site. Of course she is a individual requirements. Learn more about the training get interested parties akademie/schulungen-und-workshops/isaqb-schulung.html as leading provider of architectural training at the ITech progress GmbH experienced consultants and trainers around their knowledge innovative technologies, architectures and standards.

The trainers are specialists who acquire their knowledge in numerous projects and are also known for their appearances on the leading architecture conferences. Especially the certification is becoming increasingly important to the CPSA-F-iSAQB standard. With the training program, ITech progress provides its customers the significant contribution to the education and training of employees. “25 January 2013 those interested can still benefit from the new year special and a copy of the book of basic knowledge for Software Architects immediately upon booking the training” secure. For questions of ITech progress GmbH staff like to email under available. Press contact: ITech progress GmbH Maren Doring Thunder Mountain trail 4, 67059 Ludwigshafen, Germany E-Mail: FON: + 49 621 59 57 02-40 Web: