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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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WOULD THAT BE A GOOD EFFECTIVE LEADER? All people would wish to be leaders, be a good effective leader would fill pride anyone, but not everyone is willing to learn how to become leaders with big dreams that could change the world, one of the characteristics that every person should take if you want...

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United States

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 03-11-2016



A Brazilian in the Anger? What Squid was to make in Tehran? President Lula obtained an exploit in sixteen of May of this year: he sewed an agreement, together with Turkey on the program of enrichment of Uranian (that he can create energy? it is what the Anger speaks? or it can create destruction weapons? it is what the Anger wants), that must to be clearly accepted for the international community, ONU and United States. The international powers had not accepted the agreement Brazilian: first because Brazil revealed a trustworthy negotiator and a regional power with world-wide performance and this never interest the old powers of the world second why the United States lose the influence for Brazil in America year the year and now this exactly Brazil if adventure in the Middle East, where the United States do not admit interferences. The fight goes for the Advice of Security of the ONU, where the United States intend to destroy Brazil and its agreement. After all, which is the reason for which the United States want to impose sanctions to the Anger? To answer this last question, I removed a stretch of my book ' ' Brazil, Imperialism and Integration in Latin America ' ': ' ' Still today rich countries in natural resources are white of great powers and powerful international groups. A serious case that can very be used well as example was the invasion of Iraq for the United States, in 2003, supported for the United kingdom, where a seized country during years, fragilizado militarily and economically, lost ahead of the military power of the coalition, in an action not supported for the ONU, many countries and some powers (economic military and), that it with priority aimed at the use of the oil, found in abundance in that country. In a minutely planned action, Iraq was seized and the dictator Saddam Hussein was kept in the power, exactly after losing the Gulf War for the United States? 1991. Twelve years of economic embargo and the maintenance of the ditatorial government had left one of the producing greaters of extremely weak oil and in an offensive fast to militate occidental person, without reasons, the control on the rich power plant was transferred to the governments and interests ocidentais' ' The stretch denotes that the sanctions to the Anger will have the same purpose that they had had in Iraq: to unbalance the Islamic revolution and to transfer to the control of resources to United States and allies, that is, a violence so great how much the one that the Iranian people lives on the guardianship of the Ayatolas. Prof. Ivan Santiago Hisses – Graduated Geography and after graduated Education, titular professor of the Superior Institute of Sciences Applied of the course of Geography and Social Sciences. He is author of the Brazil book, Imperialism and Integration in Latin America Speaks with the author: ivansantisilva@ ibest.com.br

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