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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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You are on your first appointment, you arreglaste very well, you’re decent or worthy of an interview on the main television channels, but you’re also nervous or nervous, many things go through your head: don’t know you’re going to say?or what are you going to ask?. You only know...

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Wrong Hubieramos

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 28-05-2019


“Animals are also human,” said recently a holder of the prestigious German newspaper DIE ZEIT. In an article in defence of vegetarianism editor Iris Radisch posed a revolutionary question: Us are allowed to actually kill animal? and the answer was in the same holder: finish it!, written about a photograph where saw two bleeding fillets. IRIS wrote: the decisive question of whether us is allowed to kill animals to eat their bodies, have answered it for millennia. Maybe not with the head based on intellect, but with teeth, as the Devourer of animals found in the prevailing part of evolution and is the King of the food chain’. But how this King at the top of the food chain, with an attitude of Kings? Frankly no, because their subjects, animals, not only is them bred in the most brutal way, also are hunting them, fishing, kills and devours. Also removes them based on the livelihood of his life, making mother earth which is which gives life, collapsing. But really is so hard to respond on the basis of the understanding, or from the heart? God, the eternal said through Moses in an unequivocal manner “thou shalt not kill!” and Jesus de Nazareth unquestionable similarly: ‘ you do to the smallest of my creatures that me you doing me and children are also animals and plants.

This is the commandment of life, no matter how you see from the point of view of modern man, whose current machinery of killing is less visible but more bloody than in the past. IRIS Radisch question authority that the man has been awarded to dispose of the life of eogistamente for his sole benefit animals in his work: man enjoys the right to physical invulnerability, however the right attach to animals consists that you are shredded and extirpated by a metal pin that splits them skull, anesthetized hung head down a hook, or passed by an electric bath. Inequality jumps in sight, despite the fact that human beings used to raise animals then eat them, sees everything very normal, do but what would happen if we had simply wrong and that what for millennia is considered normal, is a monstrous injustice? Yes, this is possible. The reasons that we claim and we do assert to justify flagrant inequality of rights between man and animal have really very little basis, we act before the animals moved by the usual and no real awareness of the pain that we cause to other beings who feel pain and joy in the same way as us. How much arrogance us floods to think and believe that some small differences in the genetic code we are authorized to be able to eat at our close relatives, cow, pig, poultry and sheep without scruples.

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