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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Scheler Sciences

On the other hand we must observe that in agreement with the theory of the relativity of Einstein, the value represents upper limit for the speed of the bodies. That is to say, no material object, can reach an equal speed or superior to the speed of the light. The theory of Anaxagoras is not very clear,...

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Uwe Schulze

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 05-08-2019

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The modular business software offers SMEs support in the analysis, planning and control their business success. All relevant data, key figures and trends can be thus evaluated according to various criteria and viewed from different angles. STAS CONTROL has interfaces to all major ERP systems as well as industry solutions for industrial, automotive, banking / financial services, technical wholesale trade and services. The solution is based on the core technologies of the manufacturers of Cognos (IBM) and Microsoft. “Within the Ulm company group, STAS is the role of a central competence center for BI and CPM take over, where we remain organizationally independent future fully independently are responsible with the proven team for the business”. We see many new opportunities for development, which we now record for STAS and can implement”forward Uwe Schulze, who also remains above the STAS GmbH with Siegfried Wolf at his side as Managing Director. Carried out for Oliver Sadeghpour, Managing Director of FRITZ & orbit, and Oliver Couvigny, Managing Director of INFOMA, is another step on the way to the House of the future with the acquisition decision”: parallel to the successful recent nationwide expansion in the D-A-CH region we have guided us always on the market and given the customers and sought-after topics. Our strategy is to provide the customers with an optimal solution from a single source.

Thematic acquisitions are therefore useful to meet the customer requirements quickly and with certified expertise. Stas we have found a highly competent specialists, with the we can force the focus on business intelligence goal – oriented and market-oriented.” Also for the INFOMA product family municipal are newsystem the fruits of integration on the hand. So have STAS and INFOMA already begun to pool their skills and know-how for the development of the module analysis and control. The newly developed analysis and control system is homogeneous part of newsystem municipal and supports municipalities in the operational action of the Administration and in the political decision-making process. In consequence of the merger and the strengthening of the future theme of business intelligence and corporate performance management expect synergies both pages for the companies involved and therefore an appropriate, sustainable added value for their customers. To Uwe Schulze: with FRITZ & orbit: we have a strong hold and appropriate ways, continues to grow by the targeted extension and the further development of our BI solution INFOMA and the parent company of Imtech. This gives our employees as well as us and ultimately our customers security and long-term perspectives. And because we can access at any time on the extensive know-how of all divisions of FRITZ & orbit and INFOMA, our benefit significantly The expansion of the IT portfolio customers.