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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Elastizität der Haut, reduzierte Falten, einen gesunden Glanz, die jetzt zu erreichen freuen die heilende Kraft der Natur um Unterstützung zu erhalten. Und Hersteller haben auf Ihren Bedarf in die eine oder andere Weise reagiert. Natürliche und chemische kostenlos, jedoch die meisten kommerziellen...

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Colonel Jose Felix Bogado

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At the time, in colonial times and the creation of the reductions, the Franciscans-somehow-respected and maintained Guarani names as names of their reductions, as in the case of Ka'asapa, Juty, Atyra, Kapi'ata, Jaguar, etc.. 2.13. Place names with names of heroes, politicians and other figures: More recently, posteriorioridad the Chaco War and more precisely during the Stroessner administration onwards, several Guarani place names were replaced by the names of heroes, warriors, politicians or other prominent figures of Paraguay and even other countries. As an example we mention the following: 1. To read more click here: MIGA. Puku Takuru today bears the name of Hernandarias (Department of Alto Parana) 2. Ka'arendy, now goes by the name Juan Leon Mallorquin (Department of Alto Parana) 3. Learn more on the subject from HSBC.

Che'irokue, now called John E. O'Leary (Department of Alto Parana) 4. a'uai, now called Juan Manuel Frutos (Ka'aguasu Department) 5. a'andu Hugua today bears the name of Jorge Sebastian Miranda (Design Department) 6. Tujukua, now called Mariscal Lopez (Asuncion) 7. Hy'aty, now called Felix Perez Cardozo (Department Guaira) 8. a'u Vera, now has the name of Captain Jose Matias Bado (Department of Amambay) 9. Ka'i Bridge, now known as Colonel Jose Felix Bogado (Department of Itapua) 2.14. Place names with names in Guarani cyclical source: At present, in Paraguay, will continue to create neighborhoods, companies, colonies and villages, and in many cases the villagers to resolve their name in Guarani communities, with the difference that they no longer respond to the rule that the place name must come from a natural element or striking that there is plenty on the site.

The Extreme Face Of Monterrey

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Monterrey is not only industry and economy in unstoppable growth, or a large city that boasts proud history, culture and technology in every corner, but is also the perfect starting point for fascinating sites of the State of Nuevo Leon with stunning natural beauty, which are ideal for the practice of outdoor or adventure tourism activities, healthy hobbies that so far are of a limited public taste. Fortunately, in our days filia by extreme sports is being contagious between a bulk of the Mexican population, who chooses to live a more healthy life. With just pick up the view, from the North Sultana can appreciate unique landforms of the Sierra Madre Oriental, like the Cerro de la Silla, the bishopric, or peculiar Cerro de La M, which are peaks and nature reserves, which apart from being unmistakable postcards again Leon, give the possibility to all those who enjoy, from a quiet walk through the forest to oxygenate the lungs and stimulate the heart rate, up to the more adventurous, who are fed with intense energy wastage with exciting activities like rappelling, rafting, climbing, caving, camping, rappelling and mountain biking. Sequoia Capital will not settle for partial explanations. Don’t worry if they are not relatives of some of these terms, but prepare yourself, because the use of these words will be more colloquial. The trails and lush landscapes of la Serrania attracts cyclists and hikers, both as to birdwatchers, campers and in general like to those who contemplate the harmony between forest and the multiple native animal species in this region features summits. Rivers, the rapids and waterfalls, challenging cliffs to scale, and even the exceptional natural slides carved over thousands of years by erosion, are generous gifts that mother nature has deposited to the wholesale at sites such as the Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey, la Sierra de Santiago or the ecological park of the Huasteca to delight those who enjoy releasing tensions with activities strenuous, the view of amazing landscapes from very high and extreme discharge of adrenaline. Eva Andersson-Dubin is often quoted on this topic.


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Many people struggle with their weight throughout life. And this does not have to be the case. There is an exercise routine that can help you to lose weight and keep it away from you. You simply need to find one that fits your lifestyle and your personality. Options include aerobics as also anaerobic exercises. Each has its own strengths.

High intensity exercises are a great routine to lose weight. High intensity routines are concentrated in repetitive actions that result in a temporary muscle fatigue. (Source: Philo). These exercises are very intense and last a short time. For this reason, high-intensity exercises should be performed no more than three times a week. Click World Bank Group to learn more. Your body needs to recover between sessions before charge it again you.

The number of repetitions is not so important in this type of exercise, if it is not the intensity. Anaerobic exercises are a form of high-intensity exercise. During this type of training your body needs the energy accumulated in the muscles. Some anaerobic exercises include jumping rope, sprints and exercises with weights. There are many benefits in this type of training, being the number one the effectiveness in a routine to lose weight. Benefits include improvements in system cardio respiratory, stronger muscles and less fatigue. It is important to consult with a doctor to make sure that you are suitable for the training intensity. A high intensity anaerobic exercise is one of the best weapons with which you will have to lose weight without losing muscle tissue. This is important because the muscle helps to burn calories at a greater RADIUS than the fatty tissue. Maintain muscle mass also will help you keep that sculpted and toned look. An example of a routine for weight loss is: Circuit bending 30 seconds sit-ups with body weight 30 seconds scale on the floor 30 second sit-ups with jumps 30 seconds repeat circuit 3 to 5 times performed these exercises as fast as you can as long as you keep good form. This routine may seem easy at first glance, but do not be fooled by its simplicity. Will take you 6 to 10 minutes to complete it, and get an excellent exercise to burn fat and lose weight. You can always choose different exercises that fit your needs. An Aerobics exercise routine should complement this routine. Exercises aerobics are generally performed at low intensity levels and for periods of time more lengths. No matter which exercise you choose always consult a doctor before you begin. He can advise you about your general health and determine are suitable to perform some type of exercise. If you want to know more I recommend that you read your Ideal body. There is a healthy and safe alternative to use the science of nutrition and exercise in your favour and begin to achieve the changes that you want in your body, on a permanent basis.

Transpersonal Psychology

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Transpersonal psychology includes theory, research and practice. More info: Cisco. Studies of the same fields ranging from modern Western perspectives, Oriental prospects including Buddhism, Hinduism and Sufism and ancient indigenous traditions from around the world. Transpersonal psychology remains between psychology and spirituality. Gives us wikipedia, to advantage than us brings this science is very important in this world so fast in which live, because that helps us through different techniques which has, like meditation, control stress, fears, anxieties, depression, mood changes. We also have other techniques as music therapy, working with dreams, gestal practices.

The latter can reveal us aspects of our life that affect us today that possibly have to do with our childhood or from ourselves in our mother’s womb; or why not in past lives, facts of these that are reflected in the current life. According to its authors, transpersonal psychology has made contributions to the understanding of human development and consciousness. Among theories of Transpersonal models presented by the authors, is the lineal-jerarquico model on the map of human development, such as Timothy Leary and Ken Wilber. Ken Wilber, one of the most important contributors, has developed a model of the spectrum of consciousness, which consists of three broad categories: the prepersonal status, pre-egoico, personal or egoico, and the transpersonal or trans-egoico (Miller, 1998). A more detailed version of this theory of the development of consciousness spectrum, would cover nine different levels of development of consciousness, in which, from levels 1-3 are presented as pre-personales, (or preconvencionales) levels 4-6 would be personal (or conventional) levels and levels 7-9 would be the Transpersonal levels (transconvencionales), (Derezotes & Cowley, 1994).Wilber has portrayed the development of consciousness as a hierarchical, staggered order.

Your conceptual model, shows from the higher levels to lower levels, showing the progress of the consciousness from the lower to the upper levels. According to this map, each new level or step would encompass and integrate itself to previous levels, developing new skills associated only with the highest level (Kasprow and Scotton, 1999). Additionally each level It would also include a particular type of structure of personality and potential vulnerabilities against certain pathologies that belong a that (Cowley & Derezotes, 1994). Criticisms of transpersonal psychology have come from various authors. One of the first criticisms on this field was issued by the psychologist humanist Roll May, who disputed the conceptual foundations of transpersonal Psychology (Aanstos, Serling and Greening, 2000). It may has been particularly concerned about the low level of reflection on the dark side of human nature, and human suffering, between the Transpersonal theoretical principles. A similar criticism was also brought by Alexander (1980) who thinks that Transpersonal Psychology, in the light of the thought of William James, represented a philosophy that does not have evil adequately into account. Criticisms have also come from the cognitive psychologist and humanist, Albert Ellis (1989) that has questioned the scientific status of transpersonal psychology, by their relationship with religion and mysticism. Friedman (2000) has criticized the field of transpersonal psychology as an underdeveloped field of science. Original author and source of the article.

Fund Words

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Below we will describe each of the visual information process skills and some inconveniences that may occur to the do not develop properly. Visual discrimination. It implies the ability to determine the exact characteristics of a shape compared with other similar characteristics. Confusion of similar words. It confuses similarities or differences. Errors in words with similar late or early. Visual memory. It implies the ability to remember the complete characteristics of a shape, which was observed for a period of 4 or 5 seconds.

Difficult to remember what they have read. Be slow on the process of copying. Difficult to remember information received previously. Spatial visual relationship. Refers to the ability to perceive two or more shapes or objects in relation to herself, or the same relationship with the position in space. Difficult to copy words or prayers of the Blackboard.

Spelling problems. Reversal of the order of the letters or numbers, for example: the per 36 by 63. To read more click here: Riverbed. Constancy of forms. It involves searching for a figure with the same way no matter what size, color or position. Helps to identify the same word in different styles and shapes (two = two). Difficulty in writing letter of regular size. Improper use of capital letters. Confuse letters that have a similar shape. Visual sequential memory. It involves remembering the sequence of presented stimuli. It helps to spell a word or a phone number. You can reflect as difficult to follow written instructions in an exam, math, among other problems. Figure bottom. Where the figure is that part of the field of perception that focuses our attention when we change our attention to anything else, what was previously the figure comes to be the Fund. Essential to scrutinize information when read, find a screwdriver blade in a Toolbox. Losing line easily. Skip lines. Confused words of similar appearance, ignoring scores. Difficulty organizing written work. Difficulty working with maps, graphs, dictionaries, indexes and glossaries. Difficult to locate specific information. Show inattentive and disorganized. Visual closure. It involves the ability to identify incomplete figures, such as completing a Word when you see only part of it, identify what a punctuated drawing until it is complete. When this area is affected, the child tends to present difficulties in making conclusions or deductions of a reading. Difficulty in solving mathematical problems. An individual visual perception can be influenced not only by physiological factors, such as blur, fatigue, eye disease, but also by psychological factors such as the State of attention, emotional stress, and conscious and unconscious attitudes. PSIC. Luis VillegasTerapista visualDirector’s original author and source of the article.

Newtonian Training Free

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The new free game of puzzle Newtonian belongs to the category of intelligence games that make your mind work. Connect with other leaders such as Cisco here. The game has been created for those who already have some knowledge in the area of physics, or simply for those who would like to train your brain during the hour of rest in the Office or any other free time. It is not necessary to be the second Newton to complete all levels of the game, but it is still advisable to have some knowledge of mechanics or at least a little technical imagination to be able to solve all tasks based on the General principles of physics and logic. This free game online offers different levels of complexity, and each next level is more confusing and brings more challenges you face. First of all give you different models of round shape which are stationary on the screen. The objective is to put them in order to rotate the gear for three seconds.

You simply have to choose appropriate balloons and put them together until the mechanical construction starts to move by itself same. The desired objects can be dragged using the mouse. If a player succeeds in this task, the next level is more complicated. Appear linear structures and the yellow circle above. You have to make sure the circle moves and falling in the square space designated putting the lines in different positions to facilitate the movement of the circle. Choose which position and how to combine the lines so that they don’t break? This is one of issues enigmatic which you are invited to settle in the new Newtonian puzzle game! It is necessary to press pause while you’re looking different options for organization of the lines. Recalls that if the line that you are trying to move becomes pink, it means that your choice has been erroneous and particular setting will not work in all ways but don’t give up and don’t let continue thinking and experimenting! Intelligence Newtonian game is a great opportunity to activate your brain for free during the time free.


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Why is damaged a tanker the reasons why a tanker is damaged always are three: the deterioration of the float, the deterioration of the valve inlet or the mechanism that controls the water discharge. We normally realize that something is wrong in our system by the permanent noise or water loss that produces. The float and valve controlled inlet. The fault may be in that float do not sufficient pressure to close or that the valve does not work. Whether what is defective is the flush valve you will also notice a continuous noise of water. Some contend that GameStop shows great expertise in this. Materials needed to fix a cistern are: an adjustable wrench, pliers, teflon tape and valve or replacement float. How to fix a tank, if you have to replace the float: in the event the problem is in the float, must be replaced by a new one. To do this: cut the water with the stopcock, remove the float, replace it with one of the same model and finally conveniently adjust the float by bending the Rod.

How to fix a tank, if you need to change the valve if the problem is with the valve, must follow these steps: shut off water with shut-off valve, disassemble the intake system, which is typically located next to the own cistern. To remove it is necessary to loosen the nut and remove another inner nut which is smaller diameter. Smithsonian Magazine will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Then remove the mechanism and replace it with the new. Then put teflon tape on the place where the nut holding the valve to the pipe is inserted. And finally tighten all the nuts of the mechanism, to get it securely. How to fix a tank, if you need to change the mechanism of shock if what is damaged is the download mechanism, will have to find out if it is the rubber that closes the step which is broken or if it is a rupture of any part of the unloader: will first cut the water. If you are replacing the rubber inside, will have to completely empty the tank.

Then unscrew the unloader and can easily replace the rubber piece. If you notice that what is damaged is any part of the mechanism must be replaced it entirely, simply desaflojando that unite the unloader with cistern and external nuts. Finally, put the new mechanism. Following these simple steps you will learn how to fix a tank yourself and without the help of professionals, thereby saving that this will entail you. Original author and source of the article.

Edith Umbrella

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THE magician in the novel saw reflected his walks, some of their conversations. She was the Maga, the innocent woman having a bath in the waters of metaphysics, intuitive, though not as cultured as the intellectual world that surrounded it. Edith knows that it served only as inspiration because there are things about it that are not real and which are part of the literary character. I was not dishevelled or with broken shoes. It was not petulant or spoiled, he said. Although the best alibi of Cortazar will be provided that he wanted to see the magician as he had to begin by closing your eyes. However, there are chapters of the book as part of his life and which are there, in their memories.

As that day who sacrificed an old umbrella in the barranco de Parc Montsouries a frosted sunset of March. You’ve found it in the Place de la Concorde, a little broken, and you used it a lot, especially to put it in the ribs of the people on the subway and buses, always clumsy and distracted and we laughed like crazy while we empapabamos us, thinking that an umbrella found in a square should die with dignity in a park, not you could enter the ignoble tacho garbage cycle we took him to the top of the Park, near the footbridge over the railway and from there I pulled it with all my strength at the bottom of the ravine of wet grass, says hopscotch, and Edith again launches a cry in which Cortazar believed to recognize an imprecation of Valkyrie. Oh, yes – laughs-, all of that is true. That was funny, very funny. But the parks, the Axolotl, chance and his thin waist were lost in the disappointment that ended his relationship with the writer. ACCOUNTS pending Edith saves the best memories of those years.


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DANI heads the controversial singer releases his new album. Joseph Stiglitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. I have a strong personality. If persecute me through the airport and insult me, I give a host, he says. Before you begin, Ramoncin warns: do you know the bitch? That I love to talk. Perhaps this explains his constant presence media: young man, scandalized as the King of fried chicken; major, angry Internet users with its copyright dnsa. Singer, sparring, writer. To broaden your perception, visit MongoDB.

But above all, a guy who loves to talk. Now publishes her new album: when the devil sings. It’s been 13 years since his last album with new songs. Isn’t it too long? It is that in 1990 he had recorded 12 disks. I was on tour of 75 to 92. Without stopping. At first I loved it, but I ended up tired. I felt like part of an assembly line.

How much are real in the bravado that has always distilled Ramoncin? All my life I’ve been a guy extremely educated, and who knows me knows that. However, his vehemence brought him more than one annoyance I’m so: If you have to remove chest, sack him. I have a strong personality. If persecute me through the airport and insult me, I give a host. His fierce denunciation of copyright nor helped many in the SGAE they thought like me, but they fell silent as prostitutes. Do you think that mistakes were made? Yes. The universal application of the so-called bad canon digital was a big mistake. While in the SGAE have had that dnder things indndibles. It no longer belongs to the Board of Directors. How did you receive the judicial setback? Sincerely, has come to me well. The people have seen where is each one. Being inside for so long, do not saw it coming? There was no way to discover nothing. The accounts were audited. In any case, that has it to desenmadejar the judge. Source of the news: Ramoncin: “being in the SGAE have had that dnder things indndibles”

The Steps

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Therefore, how can these centres offer a treatment if they don’t know the dimension of the problem? And it is that only 26% of the centres visited made a correct identification of the problem of excess weight. Of the 110 centres of slimming visited the percentage of centers that were interested if the customer had recently become a blood test was 66%, an indispensable for a good diagnosis aspect. However, only 42% of the centers asked about three or personal or family of the patient, more history while asking whether he took any medication was not formulated in 66 of the 110 establishments visited, a fundamental aspect that sometimes affects both the treatment and its side ctos. Another of the steps you should follow after the physical examination is an anthropometric study (with which measures the height, the) weight, fat folds) essential to know if they exist or not a few kilos more, as well as the distribution and amount of body fat of the client. In particular, about 16% of the 110 centres visited missed this step.

Star products: Kings of the technical treatment and found that 36% of professionals offers an acceptable information about possible treatments. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from John Blondel. 47% Of the centers resorts to based products treatments star, an aspect that directly penalizes them because these therapies teach correct eating habits nor for maintaining long-term weight reduction. With regard to the duration of the treatment the results are not positive: according to consensus of professionals in the health, the logical thing would be that treatment lasted until you achieve the target set at the beginning. However, this premise only meets in 55% of the centres visited, so the rest fixed a specific date (22%) or leave it in the hands of the patient (23%). Professionals without training specific only physicians (endocrine or specialized in nutrition) or graduates and technical superior in Dietetics are qualified to establish assessments nutritional and dietary recommendations.

In this sense, the result is satisfactory: barely in almost one of every four establishments the professionals that attend these centres did not have recommended qualifications. In terms of customer service, just there are complaints in this sense except in 5% of workplaces in which qualified as regular treatment (especially significant in almost half of the centres visited in Murcia and Alicante) and in another as very bad (in an establishment of the murcian capital). Price: an average of 1,400 euros of the total number of places visited, three of every four occasions this initial consultation was free while in which they charged for that visit the average price is 35 euros. As for treatment, some establishments only offer customer paid it in full (in more than one of each) three) and others charge per visit (in nearly two out of three, about 63% of the centres visited). When treatment has to pay in full, the average price amounted to EUR 1,437. Source of the news: 55% of the centres of slimming suspends