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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Sebastian Neumann Emmericherstr

Pipe cleaning 24 h emergency service from Oberhausen informed the need to visit the toilet every day, is a perfectly normal. At least as long as the flush properly. This is no longer the case, help need urgently, so that the toilet is again usable. Clogged toilets are the classics, when pipe cleaning...

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It means to say that if it also must be responsible, already in the actions of today, for a distant vital world, that is, for the life that if it projects in direction to the most distant future. We see thus, a new idea of responsibility that comes to the light at our time, as preservation of the life in the extremely distant future. For Hans Jonas, the technological age contemporary makes over all with that the man of today already cannot more disrespect the necessity of being responsible, in this secular dimension of great depth, as much for the gift, as well as for the future that runs away to its eyes, that is, most distant than she obtains to project. such responsibility must be operated, at least, in the same measure of all and any step that this exactly man shows to be capable to give to intervene and to modify the domnios of the life. This because, in the current times, it has an imminent risk of if compromising, with before unimaginable intensity, the exponential value of the life. In the process where in them more just we find nothing the quarrel of the Hans Jonas, since for times the actions thought for the future were limited, almost always, the maintenance of the individual power, continuity of as many thrones that already it passed this way.

E who did not have throne to be worried, took the life to the wait of the luck, perhaps, curses or what the cigana had said reading its hand. The gift did not touch the future. But today we know that the things function different. No model of thought mounted its bases of ideas in a vertical future, finds the good in elapsing of history as a supreme search, as Kant made when making baseboard of Plato, or finds the good in the ideal maintenance so that one form of being able if establishes, an ideal social model for questions gifts of a society. It was thus with the analysis of history for Marx and Hegel. Hans Jonas touched in a discrete point that almost in discloses a small secret to them of the life, an attitude inlaid in each individual, if we do not know nothing Metaphysical of our existence one of the few things that we know is that we have a primordial instinct to conserve the species, we were made to be ancestral, all our gift if it must to a past, all future if it makes now, we are ancestral of tomorrow.


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Philosophy and history In Hegel: As Hegel everything that we are, we are workmanship of the past and tradition. The philosophical understanding is molded by the universality and not individuality of each one. The philosophy is not an enumeration of opinions or erudite inquiry. Hegel makes, therefore the differentiation between reason and intellect (abstraction). For it the concrete was simple and diverse. The philosophy is the development of the thought.

The philosophy in Hegel aims at the concrete. The study of the history of the philosophy it is the study of the proper philosophy. The history of the philosophy is the progression of the knowledge. the progress is rational and logical. The philosophy is contingent an alive conscience therefore for the gift, the philosophies of the past that pra it was more abstract did not have as much importance since all philosophy is on opportunely.

For it platonic, aristotelian or esticos only was part of a specific historical period and to come back to such concepts execrando problems gifts would be something little concrete. Philosophy and Contents: The traditional philosophy and filosofar as Hegel are linked and in this opposition does not exist. Filosofar without the content of the tradition or to teorizar the tradition without filosofar is bad. For it, philosophy is the dynamics of universal knowing, in the objective and nothing particular inquiry, as it another science is any. Philosophy and Continent: The philosophy cannot be egoistic. the thought must be raised the universality. The philosophy of the point of view of the spirit is most necessary for the production of any thing in the world. Hegel says: ‘ ‘ Detenhamonos in the reason and this basta’ ‘. Such rationality pra it is the European. Asia would be the past of the Europe and America not yet was, rank that I eat new continent is not still born for the philosophy. Africa is the continent without history, lies in a state of unconsciousness in itself, according to Hegel. For it Africa would be the continent that could not exert no functionality related the philosophy. Already Asia would have suffered a pause from philosophical development.

For Hegel the Asians are only potentially free contrasting it Greeks q were free in acts and energy. It philosophical knowledge to emerge is necessary a cultural movement or appropriate conditions that make with that the philosophy grows and advances. Fact is that in Brazil this not yet was succeeded. Filos and Territory: The philosophy introduction pra Brazilian we is introduction the history of the philosophy. For Hegel the end of the philosophy this in its proper production. We will be only one addend of the European German philosophy, or will wait a miracle as the philosophy that emerged in Greece? Two Philosophers: Obedient philosopher: The obedient philosopher is that one that listening and if atreve not to say. Inconceivable philosopher: He is that one that is purely self-taught and it does not have philosophical memory. Certainly the good side of these two individuals would form a more coherent philosopher. As what we saw in thought of Hegel, we can asking in them now as the philosophy is if pointing out in Brazil and Latin America. I looked two experienced authors to dissertar inside on the subject of its respective abilities. They, Rubem Alves who generally approaches related subjects the pedagogia and Olavo de Carvalho are that beyond philosopher its critical sense of journalist keeps eager.


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Visited several opticians and general practitioners who prescribed them different medications, but none of them could it cure. This took several days and was desperate. He was visiting a friend who had his problem. Told him to have patience and they set out to watch television. Medium program, the friend said to him: I just remember that I once had a problem like yours in my eye and someone told me of a remedy, but it is ugly, I do not know if you dare to do so. Anyway’m going to say: you have grab a dirty sock and have fun by the eye three times. The student in question, thought it was disgusting, but tried as he was desperate.

Which would surprise the next day when he got up and was completely healthy. He ran where his friend and thanked him for the Council. This saw him, could not endure the laughter and confessed that everything had invented to bother him and that he had never had infection in the eyes. Conclusion: As you think, so will you be. Another example of the power of beliefs.

In Africa there is a tribe that has a perfect judicial system. The innocent always released them and the guilty parties punished them or kill them. Never fail. What is his secret? When they are unable to determine without doubt the innocence or guilt of the accused, they give you to drink a potion which is a poison and told: go to that store. If you’re innocent you will freed the gods and if you’re guilty, the gods let you die. Thought them the innocent I did not believe, but the gods who know everything, know that I am innocent and I will be saved. On the other hand, the guilty thought to them I could trick them, but the gods who know everything, know that I am guilty and leave me to die.

Satisfaction In Life

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And what is most interesting, from my own experience, I can say that the more people achieve, the more they want and the less they get pleasure out of life. Most satisfied with their life – they are students or young people who have just started working. Read more from Joseph Stiglitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They have hundreds of ideas and goals, they tend to much and sincerely hope that if not tomorrow, then the next day surely will be happy. They still do not realize that to achieve the goals, they will be new, then another and another and so on until his death, they will run like a squirrel in a cage in the pursuit of their happiness. And most angry and pounded – these are successful and those achieving anything in life people (though outwardly they may seem to us the satisfaction of his position). They can not even for a moment to relax and be happy that they are so much achieved in his life. What do you think, how often a rest and enjoy life, Bill Gates or George Soros. They have no time to even think about it, because they have many more things to do.

They are like the horse that all my life went around and turned the crank to pump water. And when it is already old horse let go free, she still continued to walk on the field in a circle until it came to its end. And finally, how do you think, where, according to statistics, most live happy people? You probably will be very surprised, but felt himself the happiest people in Africa. The most unhappy people living in the U.S., Japan and Switzerland. As they say, no comment.

Think independently why it happens. So I suggest you get rid of the illusion that when you make it here, and then reach it here, and then something else to embark on, and then heal happy and joyful. It is an illusion and deception. Better today, do the following: 1. Learn to enjoy what you already have, or at least begin to appreciate it. 2. Thank yourself and the world around you for what you have already achieved to date. 3. Focus more on what you have plenty, not on what you lack. 4. Feel yourself filled and joyous today. 5. Do not put off happiness for tomorrow, and even more after tomorrow. If you run at least half these actions, you will truly be happy, and your goals come looking for you without breaking your efforts.