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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Wedding And Anniversary

The wedding or anniversary marked every year an almost magical day, he remembers it at the first meeting with the lover or the spouse or the date on which have sealed two people solemnly that they long for, if not always together want to stay. How to celebrate now that day is best to meet its purpose?...

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This difference of one year in the development becomes the fragile human just-been born one, compared with neonatos of other species, exactly the too much primates. Salient also that, in virtue of the fragility to the rising, the mammals need cares and protection against predators for a longer period. Many writers such as Columbia University offer more in-depth analysis. In the case of the species human being, such fragility still more demands drawn out parental cares, and in such a way the birth of the attachment how much the development of the familiar institution has its origins in this artifice of the nature. By a survival question, greater parental investment was demanded e, in contrast to many other species, the basic presence of the reproductive male also. Michael Steinhardt spoke with conviction. As this did not have very to be easy in a hostile environment as they were the African savannahs, then, one more time, the processes of natural election come back to act. To guarantee the cares of the mother, and its consequent survival, the babies start to present more persistently, during the course of its infancy until more or less the beginning of the adult life, characteristic forms of the beginning of its development. That is known for neotenia.

This was one of the forms that the nature found to keep the mothers next to its younglings for bigger periods, guaranteeing its survival for an innate attraction for these characteristics. Considering that in the primates the reproduction if characterizes for births of few younglings and great parental and/or group investment in each youngling, the success of our species alone was possible for the evolution of maternal and/or paternal mannering standards compatible with the increase of the demand of cares of the offspring. To say that a behavior standard is product of natural election, is the same that to say that this standard was selected by having presented adaptativas consequences. One admits, for example, that selective pressure has occurred on the human standards of affective entailing.

Walked One

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The subject of this article is an invitation to all those that are tired and does not have more forces to say for itself &#039 exactly; ' I will follow &#039 in front; '. The life is a succession of battles, in all the directions, all the levels, all the areas. Many of the times the battles of the life in the affective area, in the sentimental area, had not had the winner or the winner who we desired and for this reason appeared a thought of that she is not possible to be successful having as many accumulated defeats. Only that what much people do not perceive is that when if has a great number of failures it is that in the truth the person is next to reach bigger accomplishment of what those that only come being successful, therefore does not have way safer than they lead in them to the victory of what that one of the teachings contained in our errors, of time that always when we commit errors, we learn what we do not have to make for one second time. If a person feels itself attracted by another one of more advanced age and she never obtained to be happy in fact with people with such characteristics, are observed that this is not failure, are Infinite Intelligence teaching the person who it has that to be glad itself with that one of its youth, that is, with that person that lives deeply life moment the same, therefore one will be able to support to another one in the adversities. If a person only feels itself attracted for pointed physical types as the standards of beauty of the social environment where live and never it obtained to be happy in fact with people with such characteristics, observes themselves that this is not failure, is Infinite Intelligence teaching the person who physical beauty if goes with the time and if passed the time it will be even so the reason of the love of a person (the physical beauty) certainly the person will be condemned to live in a deep and perpetual dissatisfaction. Columbia University is actively involved in the matter.

The Professionals

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Jung considers essential the education of the adults: ‘ ‘ nobody, absolutely nobody, is with the education finished when leaving the course superior.’ ‘ (p.61). Moreover, the self-knowledge and the continuous learning must be for the educator one second nature: ‘ ‘ Its culture cannot park, therefore, in another way, it will start to correct in the children the defects that prprio.’ did not correct in itself; ‘ (P. 62). Still it points that As personality, has therefore the professor difficult task, because, if it does not have to exert the way authority that overwhelms, also needs to exactly present that dose of authority that competes to the person adult and understood ahead of the child. Columbia University has many thoughts on the issue.

She is necessary that he himself is a correct and healthy person; the good example is optimum method of education. For more perfect than either the method, you are welcome she advances if the person executes who it will not be above of it in virtue of the value of its personality. (P. Source: Rick Garcia CBS. 98). The professor and the school still contribute for the gradual differentiation of the ego, with the objective to form a conscientious individual. The school contributes for the process of disconnection of the child with the family, extending its conscience. Thus, when Jung speaks disconnect the pupil of the family, it is if relating something comparable to as a birth, to a disruption of a symbolic umbilical lace, without which the culture production would not be possible.

The relations gifts in the process of teach-learning and arqutipo professor/pupil. In accordance with Saiani (2000), the teaching is one of the similar professions to the one of the doctor, of the social assistant, the priest (and all the professionals of sciences of the health), being involved for a pair of the opposites. In the case of the doctor the pair of the opposite is formed by the doctor-that-cure and the patient-that-need-be-cured one.

Satisfaction In Life

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And what is most interesting, from my own experience, I can say that the more people achieve, the more they want and the less they get pleasure out of life. Most satisfied with their life – they are students or young people who have just started working. Read more from Joseph Stiglitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They have hundreds of ideas and goals, they tend to much and sincerely hope that if not tomorrow, then the next day surely will be happy. They still do not realize that to achieve the goals, they will be new, then another and another and so on until his death, they will run like a squirrel in a cage in the pursuit of their happiness. And most angry and pounded – these are successful and those achieving anything in life people (though outwardly they may seem to us the satisfaction of his position). They can not even for a moment to relax and be happy that they are so much achieved in his life. What do you think, how often a rest and enjoy life, Bill Gates or George Soros. They have no time to even think about it, because they have many more things to do.

They are like the horse that all my life went around and turned the crank to pump water. And when it is already old horse let go free, she still continued to walk on the field in a circle until it came to its end. And finally, how do you think, where, according to statistics, most live happy people? You probably will be very surprised, but felt himself the happiest people in Africa. The most unhappy people living in the U.S., Japan and Switzerland. As they say, no comment.

Think independently why it happens. So I suggest you get rid of the illusion that when you make it here, and then reach it here, and then something else to embark on, and then heal happy and joyful. It is an illusion and deception. Better today, do the following: 1. Learn to enjoy what you already have, or at least begin to appreciate it. 2. Thank yourself and the world around you for what you have already achieved to date. 3. Focus more on what you have plenty, not on what you lack. 4. Feel yourself filled and joyous today. 5. Do not put off happiness for tomorrow, and even more after tomorrow. If you run at least half these actions, you will truly be happy, and your goals come looking for you without breaking your efforts.


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The comment in the manifest the moral nature of the man, it mesmanos will discover the origin of its obligations and the existence of a natural legislaomoral. Origin of the obligations: existence of a moralnatural legislation. The freedom was given to the man to consist Sir desuas action, and therefore responsible for them. If, for the opposite, the man abraao just, it places itself in the distinct and raised place, for which its faculdadeso calls, if binds to the too much intelligent beings and sets, in certain way, the medium brown Author of the nature, concurring with It for the ends of the creation. But where will discover the reason these reasons of justice? If ajustia, in the direction most general, it is the conformity of the action with the rule, which sera rule? They are not the propensities; it is not the conscience, nor the same reason; tudoisto can be considered as agency, or publicador of the rule; but not as amesma rule.

The propensities are mere stimulatons, they are blind, and, others, they sedeterioram and they corrupt. The conscience caleja, or more does not leave to hear imperativoda its voice; the reason if depraves. Here it is when the man feels the necessity darevelao to hold it in the practical one of what he is just, for encaminhardireto for the happiness, object equally of its desire. The revelation, certifying the truth of a future life, prometecastigos and you reward that, for its intensity and duration disaster of the moral man will make the happiness oua. Here it is here as to the natural reasons of the obligation the supernatural ones seajuntam, to better firm the use of the freedom. The idea we queformamos of the goodness and wisdom Creative it authorizes in them to believe that it had to deprovidenciar regarding the man in such way that he could make right with the end, so that it they had been of its facultieses.

Interference Information

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The author also observes that the distinction of the two types of memory, in the practical one, becomes difficult, therefore they operates in set. As already it was related, they exist given that the memory of short term and these are transferred of to be stored, suffer a process from transformation and of codification. The used codes can be distinct, codification through the verbal representations or images (imagtica). 4. Esquecimento the memory selective and is limited in its capacity of storage. Therefore, the essential esquecimento is condition to the normal functioning of the memory. We can define esquecimento as the incapacity to remember, to recoup given, information, experiences that had been memorized in the past. The esquecimento can be provisory or definitive.

The esquecimento is essential therefore alone continues, throughout all the life to memorize information, because we obtain to forget another one. The esquecimento has a selective and adaptativa function, since it disdains the useless and unnecessary information and the conflituosos contents, hindering an excess of information accumulated in the brain that the captation of new information would block. The esquecimento is, normally, more related with the memory the long one stated period a time that, in the short-term memory, the time of retention of the information is too much short and passes to the memory in the long run or is extinguished. According to Izquierdo (2006), we forget most them information that arrive until us. Some theories already had been proposals to clarify because this happens (Sternberg, 2008). Between them, they are the Theory of the Interference and the Theory of Deterioration.

For the Theory of the Interference, the interference occurs when competing information, that is when the previous information intervenes with the new learning. esquecimento will be the result of the competition between similar answers. To the measure that the information goes being processed, the probability to be stored very similar information, makes with that the recovery if can process with bigger difficulty.