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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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Registration of amendments to the constituent documents of legal entity, in accordance with Federal law "On state registration of legal entities 129-FZ of 08.08.2001 Changes in the constituent Documents may be amended in the part of the name, composition of participants (founders) of legal entity,...

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Madrid Companies

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Ever since at the end of 1990 the economist Bryan Arthur coined the term New Economy to talk about to the evolution that the developed United States and other countries were experimenting thanks to the new progresses in technology and to the economic globalisation, many companies noticed a change in the economic one. They were before a state of constant and permanent growth that continuous at present, and that has even left in the obsolescence old practical of businesses. So it is so the world online has been done a hollow consolidated in which all the companies have to be present, or many of them even base their activity in this means, like the calls companies point-com. It is for that reason that the market online has gained the confidence of million users who choose this route for the development of their purchases. The main reasons that allege the users are related directly to the comfort that these services provide to them.

The development of the market techniques online, as well as the collaborations of banking organizations on which they count companies, certifican the security and confidentiality of the data used in this type of transactions, which in its beginnings by ricochet supposed one of the main reasons and distrust. Although there were pioneering sectors in this of Internet, like for example the tourism, the certain thing is that at present there is no sector that resists to him. The Web is the greater world-wide showcase where all the companies, independently their nature want to be present. It is the case of the Barbacana company, dedicated to the Jewelry shop, and that recently has released its vestibule Web with the aim of being united to the new currents that move the economy and thus entering themselves in the adventure of the market online; with the challenge to present/display its virtual showcase before all the navigators, to interact with them and to put to its reach all the knowledge, events, and the present time that surround to them, sections that next will find in their Web. Barbican is born in the year 2000 like point of sale located in the Melia Hotel Castile from Madrid, offering to the public all an article range of jewelry shop and jewellery in silver, designed and realised by craftsmen jewelers of the group to which it belongs. (Source: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City). Account with diverse lines dedicated to the high jewelry shop based on precious stones, as well as offers modern and functional jewelry shop, with new line in molecular gold or the bold line of jewelry shop in silver. The jewelry store also is made a hollow in the Web, offering a line of oriented clocks to the man and the present woman. And for the lovers of golf, the company/signature offers an ample product range specialized in this sport. Thanks to his collaboration and participation in the world of golf one is present in the most prestigious clubs, as it is the case of Teguise Coast Golf of Lanzarote with the Circuit of JoyasBarbacana Golf that at the beginning of the next month of May will begin.

Michael Bloomberg

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Hardly Boris Johnson posesion as the first preservative mayor of the history of London traveled to see it Michael Bloomberg, its homologous neoyorkino. Bloomberg affirms that their city and London are the most cosmopolitan and important metropolis of the world and that both must seal a special relation like which their same countries maintain. Livingstone, like mayor of London in the 2000-2008, was the main British figure and European enemy of Bush and friend of Chvez. Others including Lars Leckie, offer their opinions as well. Its exit has caused that the two majors large cities of the Atlantic approach. As much Bloom as Boris comes from families immigrants, is men of press and rightist librepensadores that leave the molds of their preservative parties. Boris has decided to emulate to the policies of Bloom of ero tolerance to the crime (reason why as soon as it arrived at the position the police has begun to enter with force the buses and trains) and of reduction of expenses. Smithsonian Magazine shines more light on the discussion. Both want to coordinate to avoid that the three ai (Shanhai, Dubai and Mumbai) move to their large cities as you soothe of the main bags of the globe. Original author and source of the article.. .

Anthropometric Laboratory

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Janet, Pierre School of Paris It was one of the members of the call School of Paris, that followed the tracks of Ribot and Charcot. Janet works intensely on the hypnosis as via of study of subconscious mind, applying it in cases of hysteria, anticipating itself to Breuer and Freud in the cathartic method. The theory of the total or partial psychological automatism elaborates to explain the observed amnesic behaviors in the deployment of the personality. Joseph Stiglitz understood the implications. Field insists on the notion of of brings back to consciousness and of his narrowing in the patients because of its psychological weakness. It divides to the neuroses in hysterias and picastenias (term created by him to replace the one of neurastenia). The hysterias characterize by narrowing of the conscience and picastenias by the obsessive ideas and compulsive conducts. Its method (referred in the text) will be the use of the suggestion and the hypnosis to look for and to modify the pathogenic memories.

Galton British School In English psychology is necessary to emphasize the great darwiniana influence (to this short it demonstrates it text) as well as the influence of philosophical psychology. Galton indicates a preoccupation abierta by the heredabilidad of the human capacities and his to be able to produce a lineage of men highly equipped . Eugenesia, discipline dedicated to the improvement of the race by means of the control of the reproduction, arises as a result of the social climate from half-full from century XIX. Galton tried to defend its positive aspects. It applied numerous test anthropometric to verify the effect of the inheritance in the individuals. (Creative Anthropometric Laboratory of London). It introduced the application of statistical techniques to psychology. The thought was also study object, using free association and creating the test of association of words.

Scheler Sciences

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On the other hand we must observe that in agreement with the theory of the relativity of Einstein, the value represents upper limit for the speed of the bodies. That is to say, no material object, can reach an equal speed or superior to the speed of the light. The theory of Anaxagoras is not very clear, the important thing is its contribution to the philosophy. 32 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo To the way of Parmenides. Lexington Partners often says this. But by the hypothesis of I number infinite of elements, of germs or seeds.

That they are different to each other qualitatively, that owns irreducible properties and whose mescla and combination are born the visible things, confusion, separation, and mescla is what determines the formation of the things. On the base of these seeds to which I call Aristotle Hemeomerias. These seeds at first were confused and without order; they were all meetings in a primitive chaos that to only been able to be ordered by the spirit, intelligence, the mind. The original mass of the Hemeomerias was put under an eddy driven by the spirit, by 33 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Dilthey made the distinction enters sciences of the nature and sciences of the spirit, when designating with these you complete a group of sciences characterized by the scientific method – spiritual. Freyer I classify the social forms of the spirit multiple target constituted by formation with own sense, equipment, signs, forms and the educative process. Understanding by objective spirit the set of objectivisations of the individual life or forms equipped with sense. For Scheler, which distinguishes to the man of the other animal superiors and generally of the rest of the reality it is the spirit or principle.

Panama Difference

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Ringlete 2. Santiago of Cali, 27 of July of 2010 We are Colombian of the great suroccidental region. Our earth goes of the Old man to beyond Mira, from the ocean to the bulk, culturally our region extends by the coast until Panama. We are black, Indian, banks and mestizos. Summons it us to the commitment with the cultures, traditions and utopias that have fed the life in this territory. Also it forms a challenge, because today we must hereby respond and the morning of our people.

In the middle of the full abundance in our earth, it is this promising region, we lived in an inexhaustible crucible on cultures and mestizations, in an abundant and diverse territory like no. It is our challenge to construct the most promissory region of the north of Suramrica. We accept the challenge! If in truth we assumed this challenge, will be necessary a tie common commitment to most expensive national and regional feelings, based on simple but important premises. John Blondel Goldman is open to suggestions. For this reason, there is a minimum set of principles that we would have to accept. The respect to the difference in anyone of its cultural, social and individual manifestations. In the contemporary ethics the right to the difference emerges like one from the main attributes of civilidad and civilization.

Within the framework about the legality, one is the right to think different, to express themselves of particular way, to live the sexuality according to the individual preferences, to profess the cult that better express the personal espiritualidad. The conviction that the union in the difference makes the greater social and political force. Although in America the breaches between the wealth and the poverty are great, in our country they are abysmal and unjustifiable. Even so, we explored social and political alternatives that benefit to the majorities without resorting to the war between the classes.

Chile Sebastin Piera

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Wednesday in Atacama passed express and the cold grew with the hours. Nevertheless, the joy of the presents in the zone caused that the human heat defeated adversities colombiano.com indicated, that hell finally finished. All the familiar and journalistic sacrifice, as well as the one of the authorities to rescue these men, was compensated. They are free and with their families. Chile gave an organization example and moved until the level one to the entire world.

The union of countries for these workings demonstrated that yes it is possible to be worked by a common objective, and the perseverancia of the 33 miners gave a lesson us: to never resign is the option, always the man can control to the adverse situations with faith, value, the hope and, most important, with the love of its dear beings. In Paraguay, the ABC newspaper Color titled " Exciting rescue of Chilean miners makes lagrimear to mundo" , " To the 21:55 of last night it left to surface the last one 33" , " Tragedy, hope and a total end of alegra". Among others concepts, the newspaper described the event that affected to the entire world of " historical and exitoso" and it showed that it generated " one immediate explosion of joy in all the country trasandino" , as well as the row in diverse parts of the planet. The 33 miners were brought to the surface one by one in a lapse smaller to 24 hours since first Tuesday to the midnight emerged. After 70 days catched to 700 meters of depth, Wednesday at night slept for the first time in a bed really in a hospital of Copiap, 800 kilometers to the north of Santiago the presidents of some countries have called to the president of Chile Sebastin Piera, in order to congratulate it by the success of the operation, therefore the president North American Barack Obama made a call him to his Chilean colleague Sebastin Piera to congratulate it by the successful rescue of 33 miners catched for more than two months.

The Forests

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To it the hundreds of thousands of refugees are added who have had to leave their homes, the migrations that defy the concept of delimited space, the degradation of the environment, which implies the necessity of a new collaboration still affected by ineffective practices, the implementation of new and audacious methods that allow to balance of even way the reduction of the poverty and the extreme hunger and an extensive use of the technology of the communication in that combat. Over the listings expositions arise basic, many of which are avoided in the obstinate hypocrisy of the world-wide relations. II the economy, raised over the policy, can lead to us leads in fact us to an increase of the inequalities between countries and human beings. The danger of the one sprouting has already been indicated " society disociada". The economic patrons change while the world-wide leaders behave as if everything limited themselves an precise crisis, persistent but superable with habitual procedures. We continue operating fossil power plants with an increasing voracity, but paralelamente we affected the seas, agriculture and the forests. The yield of foods, considered by hectare, has raised, but generally to a not at all desirable price.

The production means have changed to intensive technology. What we called farmers they survive in reduced zones of the planet and there is not one that absorbs leftover manpower because of the technique or by changes to national zones of cheap manpower. It has appeared throughout what one has occurred in denominating " economy informal" , which occupies in the developing countries a little more the 50 percent of the population, following continents and zones. In order to produce knowledge are needed more and more and they do not seem to reach to the part of the world where there is to reduce the poverty. To attract the technology seems to demand conditions that only countries like which they integrate the BRIC or other Asians manage to offer.

Creating Lasting Relations

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For that they are it jeopardize in his relation of pair, it is important to take the suitable steps to assure that the love will last. Normally it is enough with making a few things simple to cause that your relation works. It is important that you and your pair spend long time of quality together. The modern life can be very estresante and full of work, but simply one hour or two of conversation before going to sleep can make wonders in your relation. The majority of the pairs that are been together more than ten years must that longevity of their relation the fact that they look for time for the other person. It organizes an appointment at least once a month. It does not have to be in an expensive restaurant, can be something as simple as to have dinner in the house garden. Permitiros same to construct a true relation of equal to equal.

That means that each must give and take from the relation in the same measurement. You will have to adopt commitments, and neither it must be in ” control” of the relation. At the same time, both you must have lives and activities outside relation, is well with friendly, fellow workers and with your families. Sonreros the one to the other. Something as simple as a smile can cheer a bad day. He is something really necessary at the end of a hard and estresante day, or after a fight.

A genuine smile, of heart, reaffirms to your lover in its loving feelings, of respect and esteem. Asegrate to have a satisfactory sexual life. If at some time your sexual life becomes routinist and lack of passion, you deliver an attack to give a little joy him. Mustrale to your pair how satisfacerte sexually, and anmale to him or her to do the same. You are not satisfied to accepting an unsatisfactory sexual life; sex is a very important aspect of your relation). To learn how apreciaros the one to the other. When it wants that your pair is delivering an attack by escucharte or by mostrarte the important thing that you are for him or her, asegrate which of it finds out whatever you appreciate that effort, or is by means of words or acts. All this is important, because it reaffirms to your pair in its importance within the relation. You are not punished the one to the other. If your pair has hurt to you in some way, you do not lie down it in face, that will only aggravate the situation. If your pair has made you really damage, especially if it has not been deliberately, it directly sees the subject and speak to envelope it. You do not punish to him and you make guess what made bad, that him will only take to more misunderstandings and more problems of communication. It accepts the fact that certain things never change and that others they do if it. The people are very dynamic. Their personalities change much, and their opinions and beliefs even can change completely. But conscious that some things of your pair never will change and another they will be done yes it. Mantn this in mind and learns to love your pair by that it or it really is.

Henry David Thoreau

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With respect to the cultural space they are taken root the customs, the beliefs and what it is expected of an O-Man a woman. Therefore, the cultural space tends to perpetuate or no, the masculine violence within the scope of the pair diverse Existen types of violence within which they are: PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: This violence or aggression intimately is ligature to the blows, aggressions and also to the tugs, pushes, as well as to break objects, to remove knives and to threaten the pair. n, Henry David Thoreau said, " the majority of the people lives its lives in one shut up desesperacin". It seems to me that this phrase describes of singular way the one that is lived, when the family, the children, the women, and the same men, exercise the violence as a relation form. SEXUAL VIOLENCE: Like its name indicates east type of aggression is tie to the sexuality and its forms to exert it. It can go from imposing acts with which the pair does not agree and go against its will until the total indifference like punishment, by acts that the aggressor considers worthy to mistreat. Here they are putas, those that do not give rise their, those that are attractive, besides those, that did not manage to keep their virginity for him, even though they are fifty years old. How many atrocities comment in the name of the love! In this type of violence the punishment is permanent and constant.

The aggressor is an enchantment in the scope of the social thing. Nevertheless, in the plane of the privacy one becomes hostile, aggressive, distant, and somewhat, maltratador. This experience exerts in the victim a sensation of nonmerit, not being wished, and therefore, to border on madness. In his majority of the cases, the man with his force, per moments, imposes the sexual relations whatever the cost VERBAL AND NONVERBAL VIOLENCE: This it is a so subtle space, that it is hardly perceivable for exerts who it like for suffers who it, the pair.

Vzquez Roman

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According to the information facilitated to the Brazilian press by Vzquez Roman, 10 Lebanese citizens who own the companies in City of the East, but lives in Foz do Iguau, Brazil, the money sent through banks in Miami and New York to the Lebanese banks. According to the investigation, the deposits became in City of the East and the branches of Citibank Chinatrust. Each Lebanese sent approximately $ 6 to $ 10 million. Although Vzquez Roman had not determined the destiny of the money, was the continuation of the investigation and 50,000 dollars with the suspicion of radical Muslims. Both were tie to Assad Ahmad Barakat, to that the investigators suspect being the head of the South Cone to collect bottoms for Hezbol. Ann Winblad is often quoted as being for or against this. At the beginning of December of 2001, ABC Color informed that Basilisa Vzquez Roman, a public prosecutor of City of the East, for both previous months had been the investigation of 100 million dollars of transference of City from the East to the Lebanon. According to the information facilitated to the Brazilian press by Vzquez Roman, 10 Lebanese citizens whom they own companies in City of the East, but live in Foz do Iguau, Brazil, the money sent through banks in Miami and New York to the Lebanese banks.

According to the investigation, the deposits became in City of the East and the branches of Citibank Chinatrust. Each Lebanese sent approximately $ 6 to $ 10 million. Although Vzquez Roman had not determined the destiny of the money, was the continuation of the investigation. States of Brazil to demand one more a more active participation in " war against terrorismo". Chile Chile has become in center of more fast growth South America after Brazil for the international transfers on narcotics and the money laundering the companies. This fact can help to explain why Islamic money launderers feel attracted by the north of the Chilean city of Iquique.