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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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The Creator

They say some oriental cultures when you spend counting your dreams everyone a part of the energy that you could be using to follow those same dreams, is lost. Therefore advised to follow your instincts without letting know others about your plans, except those that are going to help plan and get what...

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The Head

Posted by Geneva | Posted in News | Posted on 07-01-2021



_ _ Ol, small dama said one of them. Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili is likely to agree. _ _ O-Ol said Creusalinda in voice low, with a little of fear of the stranger. _ _ Who is vocs! _ _ We are of the people of telhado answered another one. _ _ I am Kon, that one of yellow in the railing I am Sound, these I am Ton, Run and Bin. Pleasure in knowing it, dama small had said all at the same time, Sound arrives in one to blink of eyes in time to say ' ' small dama' '. _ _ Pleasure in knowing vocs tambm said Creusalinda. _ _ Kon of smooth hair, ton of moored hair, Run of coradas cheeks and Bin of nose grande Creusalinda it found a skill of if remembering as many names.

_ _ Ah, and Sound yellow dress as the sun. All had changed smiles between itself. The girl found likeable and pretty the homenzinhos; it liked them. between five, the three had beard and mame look like to be older of what the others two of aparado hair and clean face: Run and Bin. _ _ Had called Why me small lady if I am very bigger of what vocs? _ _ Creusalinda found odd. _ _ Chamamos you small lady because Sound is jovem clarified.

_ _ Young as a seed to the wait of the Spring to germinate. _ _ Young as a lizard that still eats folha Bin continued. _ _ That in cocoon, if it waits to become. _ _ Ah, I understood _ _ said the girl coando the head. The 4 teeny ones if entreolharam and later, if they had come back toward Creusalinda facing it with a serious look, making to think it that it would make some badly. Creusalinda held the blanket it pressed and it between the fingers.

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