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The first task in our business was establishing contacts.  Because we had business associates throughout America and Africa, this was relatively easy.  In addition, all our investors were bringing to the company many years of experience and through that, had already established many contacts.  We...

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BPI Solutions Leading Transaction-related Archiving Linge Man A

Management and business process optimization in the Midmarket Linge man steel wholesale steel GmbH marketed rolled steel and flat products in Handelsguten as well as tubes and editing documents. With these grades – and size diversity, the company is a much sought-after problem solver. See Tony...

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Banking Crisis

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The financing group of middle class talking about the generation of fresh liquidity for SMEs – far away from the banking crisis. Interview with market & economy and Roger waste, Managing Director of finance group SME m & w: How does a financing without encumbrance? Roger waste: our financing based on the profitability & credit rating of the company. Advantage for the entrepreneur: here can be dispensed with the customary banking collateral position. Furthermore, the contractor usually not with a personal guarantee, in contrast to the classic Bank loan is liable. m & w: recommend what financing options your customers? Roger waste: reinsurance capacity of the company or its customers (customers) provided that the following two variants are offered. Factoring/prejudice & mistakes: \”factoring is too expensive\” 2.0 – 2.5 million euros turnover p.a. we can rule a factoring cost-neutral, with higher sales even with make additional income.

\”My customer/end user recognizes the sale of claims\” from 2.0 Euros turnover p.a. we can offer optionally a silent factoring. If you are not convinced, visit Eliot Horowitz. The sale is not obvious for the invoice recipients, because the sale is not displayed. \”I have many discount payer, it wirdzu expensive\” from 1.0 Euro turnover p.a. we can exclude E.g. account payers of the factoring and only targeted selected vendors in the factoring, unless at least remain 500 Keuro in the factoring. \”Factoring need only companies facing financial hardship\”, the opposite is the case. Only companies that are economically well placed and have no negative credit marks can get a factoring.

Our classic customer generated operating income, generally to high accounts receivable but E.g. due to long payment terms, to finance such as growth. \”Factoring weakens me in the competition\” the opposite is the case. Meanwhile, many business owners with sufficient liquidity take factoring claim. So, you can Payment terms to customers up to 90/120 days and strengthen thus their position in the market.

Latin America

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International calls are still a huge expense for the consumer if you do not choose the right company. Companies usually make us many offerings in fixed telephony, very good prices on provincial and local calls but things change when international calls is because in these cases the expenditure is usually shoot. Now there was a great demand for international calls, both by population and Spanish by the large number of immigrants living in our country and have a need to get in contact with their relatives living in their countries of origin. This is why so have proliferated the booths, the purchase of prepaid cards or the rise of the use of ip telephony. It is on the internet where we will find the best deals by visiting the appropriate website and comparing prices for making calls that we do overseas the economic potential and thus cheapen our phone bill considerably. On the web you’ll find good prices to talk to Latin America or they call you from there for the price of a local call. You will find 6 and 12 EUR prepaid cards to talk comfortably abroad and is on the web where you can see how many minutes you can talk to these cards depending on the country that you call. The world you will be small and you’ll be in contact with your family at any time regardless of the country you call thanks to offerings in calls long distance

Panama Difference

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Ringlete 2. Santiago of Cali, 27 of July of 2010 We are Colombian of the great suroccidental region. Our earth goes of the Old man to beyond Mira, from the ocean to the bulk, culturally our region extends by the coast until Panama. We are black, Indian, banks and mestizos. Summons it us to the commitment with the cultures, traditions and utopias that have fed the life in this territory. Also it forms a challenge, because today we must hereby respond and the morning of our people.

In the middle of the full abundance in our earth, it is this promising region, we lived in an inexhaustible crucible on cultures and mestizations, in an abundant and diverse territory like no. It is our challenge to construct the most promissory region of the north of Suramrica. We accept the challenge! If in truth we assumed this challenge, will be necessary a tie common commitment to most expensive national and regional feelings, based on simple but important premises. John Blondel Goldman is open to suggestions. For this reason, there is a minimum set of principles that we would have to accept. The respect to the difference in anyone of its cultural, social and individual manifestations. In the contemporary ethics the right to the difference emerges like one from the main attributes of civilidad and civilization.

Within the framework about the legality, one is the right to think different, to express themselves of particular way, to live the sexuality according to the individual preferences, to profess the cult that better express the personal espiritualidad. The conviction that the union in the difference makes the greater social and political force. Although in America the breaches between the wealth and the poverty are great, in our country they are abysmal and unjustifiable. Even so, we explored social and political alternatives that benefit to the majorities without resorting to the war between the classes.